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10 Egyptian Deities You Probably Didn’t Know About

Ancient Egyptians worshipped multiple deities. Some were significant and regarded, while the rest were limited to the mythologies.


Ancient Egyptians worshipped numerous gods as they were quite religious. The pharaohs of ancient Egypt presented themselves as the representatives of the gods. The monarchs built and looked after multiple temples. Akhenaten was the only pharaohs that demolished the presence of the gods and enforced his own religion.

Following are ten ancient Egyptians deities that were quite popular in the olden days:

This statue of Sobek was found at Amenemhat III’s mortuary temple. Source: Wikimedia Commons


The word ‘Sobek’ can be pronounced in various ways. Moreover, he was known as the god of crocodiles. His name and description were mentioned in various pyramid texts. Some of his followers believed that Sobek was the originator of the world. They had this distorted concept because Egyptians believed that the world emerged from the depths of dark water. Sobek was also known as a god of the Nile and fertility. According to Egyptian texts, Sobek arose from the dark water and made this world from his sweat. Furthermore, another myth surrounding Sobek states that he laid his eggs on the bank of the waters of ‘Nun’ thus creating the world.

Ma’at. Source: Pinterest


Ma’at was known as the goddess of honour, justice, and order. As per various accounts, she was portrayed as a woman with an ostrich feather on her head. Moreover, she was also depicted with wings. Her presence in the olden days meant stability and justice. According to ancient Egyptian myths, Ma’at came into being when god Ra emerged from the dark waters of Nun. Ma’at was often considered to be the daughter of god Ra.

Anubis. Source: Pinterest


God Anubis was known as the god of cemeteries and the deceased. He was also considered a protector of graves and burial chambers. The people of ancient Egypt believed in preserving their deceased for the afterlife. Hence, they conducted various ceremonies for this particular purpose. God Anubis played a significant role in this journey.

Nephthys. Source: Pinterest


God Nephthys is known as the goddess of air, and she also represented Lower Egypt. Moreover, in one of the ancient Egyptian mythologies, Nephthys was portrayed as the daughter of Geb and Nut. She was also linked with vultures, a bird which the Egyptians believed could not have children, and with grief.

God Bes.
God Bes. Source: Wikimedia Commons


God Bes was known as the god of music, entertainment, and reproduction. Moreover, Bes was considered a protector of the children in the olden days. Various experts have discovered depictions of him in the chambers of ancient Egyptian households. Also, his physical appearance includes a lion’s mask. It is believed that he carried his musical instruments to fend off evil powers. 

Depiction of Thoth as a baboon. Source: Wikimedia Commons


God Thoth was known as the god of the moon, holy texts, magic, knowledge, etc. His real or Egyptian name was Djehuty, which means ‘He who is like the Ibis.’ As per various ancient accounts, he was portrayed as an ibis bird or a baboon.

God Amun. Source: Pinterest


God Amun was known as the god of the air. Amun’s role developed over the centuries. He ruled as the god of the kings during the Middle Kingdom and then became a nationally worshipped deity. He eventually merged with Ra, the ancient sun god, to become Amun-Ra.

Statue of Ptah. Source: Wikimedia Commons


God Ptah was associated with the city of Memphis, which was known as the capital of Egypt. Memphis was also known as the ‘Temple of the Soul of Ptah’ in the olden days. As per ancient accounts, Ptah gave life to the dead.

Source: Pinterest


According to ancient Egyptian mythology, Nut was known as the goddess of the sky and heavens. Goddess Nut is portrayed as a woman bent over Earth with her head in the West and feet in the East. She is also depicted as a divine cow on various temple walls.

Bastet. Source: Wikimedia Commons


Cats, in general, were extremely significant in ancient Egyptian societies and were considered demi-deities. Moreover, Bastet was known as the goddess of protection and pleasure. She had the head of a cat and a slim female body.

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