10 Facts About the Mysterious Hieroglyphs Of the Temple Of Seti I

There is a wide variety of information regarding constellations and astronomy on the ceilings of the mortuary temple of Seti I.

Various egyptologists and experts were utterly astonished when they stumbled upon strange yet intriguing hieroglyphs on one of the ceilings of the temple of Seti I. The most unusual part is that the carvings represent various modern-day vehicles, including a helicopter, submarine, and aeroplane. Multiple peculiar engravings have been discovered in the past, but experts claim that they have not spotted anything similar as of yet. 

Temple of Seti I
Hieroglyphs of the temple of Seti I. Source: peregrineadventures.com
Seti I
The temple of Seti I. Source: peregrineadventures.com
Seti I
Astronomical ceiling of Seti I tomb showing the personified representations of stars and constellations. Source: Wikimedia Commons

We have accumulated ten interesting facts regarding the hieroglyphs of the mortuary temple of Seti I. Let’s have a look at them, shall we? 

1) ‘Seti I’ was an Egyptian pharaoh who ruled Egypt from 1550 to 712 BC. ‘Seti I’ is less famous than other ancient Egyptian monarchs mainly because of his son, Ramesses II. Ramses II is considered one of the most famous and regarded pharaohs of ancient Egypt. 

2) As stated above, experts could not believe their eyes when they initially spotted the mysterious engravings. However, they tried to decipher them, but could not offer an appropriate explanation to the world. 

3) It was quite common in the olden days to recarve texts. It is well known that multiple hieroglyphs of the mortuary temple of ‘Seti I’ were altered by Ramesses II.

4) It is evident that ancient Egyptians did not have sufficient resources. They did not have any idea about futuristic technology, then who carved these strange hieroglyphs?

5) The original carvings of the temple were made during the reign of Seti I, and most of them translate to ‘He who repulses the nine opponents of Egypt’. These carvings were altered during the reign of Ramesses II with the title ‘He who defends Egypt and abolishes the foreign countries’.

6) There are quite a lot of ufologists that claim that aliens visited the temple in the past. They gave Ramses II sufficient information about the future. Hence, he altered the texts of the temple and came up with pictures of modern-day vehicles.

7) There is a wide variety of information regarding constellations and astronomy on the ceilings of the mortuary temple of Seti I.

8) The temple of ‘Seti I’ has a corridor known as the Gallery of the Kings, carved with the figures of Seti I, Ramses II, and a lengthy list of the pharaohs who preceded them. The temple itself is quite detailed in terms of knowledge.

9) The temple of Seti I is quite massive. It also has seven sanctuaries for the gods of Egypt. Seti I and Rameses II were quite religious and wanted the temple to be blessed.

10) The mortuary temple of Seti has a different aura. It has texts and pictures that are difficult to decipher. The hieroglyphs of the temple also suggest that Seti was a powerful monarch of his time.

All in all, the mortuary temple of Seti remains a massive mystery. Experts have not been able to decipher multiple hieroglyphs as of yet.

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