10 Fascinating Facts About Ramesses III, the Second Pharaoh of the Twentieth Dynasty

Ramesses III is known as the last great pharaoh of Egypt.

Usermaatre Meryamun Ramesses III is known as the greatest monarch of Egypt. He took Egypt to the next level by incorporating multiple structures and implementing effective policies. Moreover, he was highly admired and regarded throughout his reign. However, he had multiple conspirators in his harem. According to the experts, his throat was brutally slashed by one of his sons named Prince Pentawer.

The mortuary temple of Ramesses III.
The picture shows multiple severed hands of the enemies of Ramesses III. Source: Wikimedia Commons
The sarcophagus of Ramesses III.
The sarcophagus of Ramesses III. Source: Wikimedia Commons
Mummy of Ramesses III
The mummy of Ramesses III. Source: Live Science

Following are ten interesting facts regarding his reign and life:

1) Ramesses III was the second pharaoh of the twentieth Egyptian dynasty. He ruled for approximately 31 years. He is known as the greatest monarch of Egypt because his reign is marked by an extensive list of achievements, including an effective building program, military accomplishments, and several expeditions. He ruled Egypt when the rest of the Mediterranean World was surrounded by chaos.

2) According to the experts, Ramesses III had several wives. However, only two of them were considered queens, and the rest were royal consorts.

3) One of his consorts, Queen Tiye, plotted against him. She plotted to kill him as she wanted her son, Prince Pentawer, on the throne. Queen Tiye and her comrades started a revolution and used poison as their weapons. The conspiracy failed, and the traitors were arrested but not before Ramesses III was fatally wounded.

4) The burial chamber of Ramesses III contains some unusual engravings, such as a bakery scene, rows of arms and vessels, and the depiction of harpists playing their instruments for various deities.

5) It is believed that Ramesses III was murdered during his sleep. His throat was slashed, and his royal guardians could not save him. However, the embalmers of his era incorporated an amulet of ‘Eye of Horus‘ in the gash so he could heal in the afterlife. They also wrapped multiple layers of linen around his throat to secure his wound.

6) Ramesses’ mummy is one of the most well-preserved bodies of all time. His remains are almost intact, giving him a corpse-like look.

7) Ramesses III is known as the last great pharaoh of Egypt. Ancient Egypt encountered numerous problems around 1200 B.C. Egyptians had insufficient iron so they could not make the necessary weapons and tools. Ancient Egypt collapsed under the rule of incapable leaders.

8) According to the experts and archaeologists, Ramesses III was crowned at Karnak. However, he established his permanent residence at Qantir, which was a village in Egypt.

9) On the very first day of his accession, he asked his companions to start building his burial chamber and funerary temple at Medinet Habu.

10) Ramesses III fought three major battles, and all of them were defensive campaigns against attempted invasions.

All in all, Ramesses III led an exciting life. He was indeed an accomplished monarch. The experts were utterly shocked when they discovered an amulet from his throat. Furthermore, the Great Papyrus Harris depicted a tale of his reign. The specialists discovered multiple secrets when they deciphered the text. The papyrus was never meant to be found by any of his enemies. Hence, Ramesses’ associates secretly buried it in his temple after his demise. None of his successors managed to match his magnificence.


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