Dueling Dinos

10 Interesting Facts About the Duelling Dinosaurs

Experts ultimately concluded that there is an entire skin envelope around both dinosaurs. Hence, they are as good as mummies.

Do you have any idea about ancient creatures such as dinosaurs? I was one of those people who thought of them as nothing but an exaggeration. I could not believe my eyes when I started reading about their fossils, though. Only a few have been unearthed as of yet. The fossils of such beings are incredibly rare. According to various experts, dinosaurs existed in the Mesozoic Era, around 66 million years ago.

duelling dinosaurs
Clayton Phipps looks over the massive ceratopsian fossil. Source: Robert Clark

Planet earth is nothing but an enigma for uncountable curious souls like me. A Montana rancher called Clayton Phipps went out to explore the Hell Creek Formation. He and his comrades stumbled upon skeletons of two duelling dinosaurs while exploring the site.

close shot
A close shot. Source: Raphael Rosen

What precisely is Hell Creek? The Hell Creek Formation is known for harbouring Upper Cretaceous and some lower Paleocene rocks. People generally stumble upon a fossil or two while exploring this particular site. Multiple history enthusiasts like Clayton Phipps have already discovered fossils or evidence of various creatures that lived in the past.

I have gathered ten intriguing facts regarding the fossils of two duelling dinosaurs. Let’s have a look at them, shall we?

1) The bed of sandstone and mudstone in which the fossil is embedded dates to a period between 66 million and 67.5 million years ago, the time just before dinosaurs went extinct.

2) The Hell Creek Formation is one of the richest fossil troves in the world.

3) The duelling dinosaurs are two different creatures. According to experts, one is a 22-foot-long theropod, and the other is a 28-foot-long ceratopsian.

4) The said creatures were buried in a sandstone back when they were duelling approximately 66 million years ago.

5) According to experts, the duelling dinos are two of the most well-preserved fossils of all time. It is indeed a massive discovery.

6) Experts ultimately concluded that there is an entire skin envelope around both dinosaurs. Hence, they are as good as mummies.

7) One of the creatures has a set of additional horns on its face. Hence, multiple scientists claim that it may be a rare or new species.

8) None have managed to discover a similar fossil of dinosaurs as of yet. Clayton Phipps’ wealth skyrocketed once he made his discovery public in 2006.

9) According to experts, an earthquake struck as the dinosaurs fought, engulfing them down into the sand at the moment of their deaths. That is why they are well-preserved.

10) Experts claim that the fossiled dinosaurs are relatives of Tyrannosaurus rex and a Triceratops horridus.

Let’s summarise what we learned:

Multiple scary-looking creatures walked planet earth back in the olden days. We have evidence that they were lethal and wandered when humans were not around. However, they went extinct millions of years ago. The fossiled remnants that people discover nowadays are mostly broken. I love the fact that the duelling dinos are perfectly intact. None of the creatures consumed their bodies as they were buried underneath the sand. 

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