10 Reasons Why People Still Think The Pyramids Were Built by Aliens

It is widely believed that pyramids are not just tombs but some sort of gateways to other worlds.


Various theorists claim that aliens used to visit planet earth back in the time of Pharaohs. There are uncountable things in Egypt that cannot be accurately explained mainly because no one knows how they came into being.

Numerous people think that the pyramids were built by aliens. Why would any human build massive structures that serve no real purpose in the middle of a desert? It sounds a bit weird to me, to be honest. The actual purpose of Ancient Egyptian structures is nothing but a massive mystery.

pyramid of Giza
The pyramid of Giza. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Following are some of the theories or claims that surround the pyramids and ancient structures in general:

1) It is widely believed that pyramids are not just tombs but some sort of gateways to other worlds. Theorists claim that aliens left them on planet earth so humans could access the hidden portals. However, no hidden gateways have been discovered as yet.

2) It is believed that aliens gave special powers to the kings and queens of Egypt so they could supervise or oversee the construction of the Egyptian pyramids.

3) It is said that the main purpose of constructing the pyramids is still a mystery. The pyramids are perfectly built and are accurately positioned. It is said that the humans of olden days had no tools or methods to be this accurate.

4) The temple of Seti, which is also an ancient Egyptian structure, has multiple pictures of helicopters, submarines, and spaceships on its walls. It is believed that it was built by aliens, and they gave sufficient knowledge about the future to the Pharaohs too.

5) Most of the ‘Benben stones’ of the pyramids are missing. Multiple archaeologists and experts tried to find them but could not track their accurate locations. It’s quite strange that only the uppermost stones of the pyramids are missing. It indicates that something is amiss.

6) Multiple people suggest that the Great Pyramids of Giza were built with the aid of extraterrestrial technology. As stated before, the people of olden days did not have sufficient resources to construct such massive structures.

7) Archaeologists and experts have already spent years trying to decode and uncover the mysteries of the ancient Pharaohs’ burial chambers but are yet to even scratch the surface of the pyramids’ history. No one truly knows why they were formed.

8) Multiple experts discovered the traces of mysterious catacombs underneath the great Sphinx of Giza. However, the Egyptian government did not allow them to excavate the site.

9) People claim that there are other significant chambers in the pyramids that have not been opened or discovered as yet. Moreover, we truly do not know what lies underneath the pyramids.

10) A massive chunk of history is missing. The archaeologists cannot piece all parts together. Some still remain a massive mystery.

We have no idea if the aforementioned claims or theories are true or not. However, quite a lot of mysteries have not been solved as yet. The experts and archaeologists are still looking for answers.

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