The gate of the gods

10 Things You Probably didn’t know About Peru’s Ancient Gate of the Gods

Multiple people have had strange experiences around the gate in the past.

Peru, in general, has various ancient sites and is known for its vibrant history. Machu Picchu, Nazca Lines, and Cusco are some of the most well-known places that people generally visit. However, there is a pink marble door in Hayu Marca that looks quite peculiar and is often called a gateway to another world. The story that surrounds it involves Incan mythology and various other religious beliefs. It is widely believed that the pink marble gate was used by a god in the past. 

Following are ten interesting facts regarding Aramu Muru, the gate of the gods:

1) Incans believed that Lake Titicaca was the place where God gave birth to the world.

2) Incans also believed that all souls return to Lake Titicaca once they die. The pink marble gate leads them to their final destination.

3) According to Incan beliefs, Con Tiqui Viracocha emerged from Lake Titicaca’s waters back in the olden days and created the world.

4) Incans believed that Viracocha observes his creations from another world and would one day return. Hence, the gate is still present in the ruins of Peru.

5) Peruvians speak of a tale of an Incan priest who fled through the gate to another world when Spanish armies attacked. His name was Aramu Muru, and he was one of the priests who served in the temple of the Seven Rays.

6) It is said that the priest, Aramu Muru, used a golden disk to unlock the gate of the gods.

7) A fascinating tale surrounds the golden disk of Peru. It is widely believed that it was a key that could unlock the gate of the gods. The disk was present in the temple of Seven Rays when Spanish armies invaded the city. Aramu Muru took it and escaped the world.

8) Certain modern-day experts have reported strange occurrences near the gate of the gods. They heard voices that were coming from the other side of the gate.

9) Various experts and archaeologists believe that there are various artefacts buried underneath the gate.

10) Researchers and experts discovered a circular indentation on the side of the gate where a smaller disk-shaped object could have been placed.

Incans were badly defeated by Spanish armies in the 16th century; they plundered the city and took multiple valuables along. Furthermore, smallpox spread like wildfire and took many lives. All in all, it was a dark period for Incans.

We have no idea if the said stories are accurate or not. The gate looks like a massive stone engraving and is quite old. Moreover, multiple people have had strange experiences around the gate in the past. Theorists claim that a tourist was found unconscious near the gate. When his comrades woke him up, he told them that the gate opened for a few minutes. However, this is just a story that is popular amid the natives.

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