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10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About The Walking Sharks

They can withstand low-oxygen environments and can come out of the waters.


Things were different back when the earth was formed. Quite a lot of creatures such as ‘whales’ could walk on the surface. Yes, whales had legs and were known as the predators of the ocean. There’s another species of sharks that can walk on the surface. However, it is about to get extinct as only a handful have been discovered as of yet. The ‘Walking Sharks’ or Hemiscyllium live in the Australian waters.

The Walking Shark
The Walking Shark. Source: oceanicsociety.org

Following are ten interesting facts regarding the ‘Walking Sharks’. Let’s have a look at them, shall we?

1) Walking sharks or bamboo sharks are small yet colourful creatures that live in the Australian waters. Rest assured, they are not harmful and look extremely adorable.

2) These sharks do not have legs. However, they use their fins to drag themselves around the ocean floor in search of delicious crustaceans.

3) The Hemiscyllium are newly discovered creatures, and only nine species have been discovered as of yet. The experts are still trying to find more about them.

4) Walking Sharks, in general, are 3.3 ft long on average. Moreover, they present no threat to humans.

5) As stated above, they do not have legs. They use their pectoral and pelvic fins to move across the ocean floor and live in coastal waters.

6) They can withstand low-oxygen environments and can come out of the waters.

7) The DNA of the ‘Walking Shark’ is similar to the species of the late Cretaceous period, extending from roughly 66 to 100 million years ago.

8) According to various marine experts, the said creatures evolved when sharks moved away from their natural habitats. Some of them isolated and developed into new species.

9) The walking sharks do not come after humans and only consume crustaceans and other small creatures of the ocean.

10) Even though they can swim just fine, these sharks are often seen strolling along the seafloor or across the reef. To move through cracks while stalking their prey, epaulette sharks developed the ability to walk along the seafloor using a crawling motion.

Let’s summarise what we learned:

It’s incredibly interesting to see sharks that are not harmful. Most of the sharks give me nightmares mainly because they are violent creatures. Animals have evolved over the years and have now turned into new species. I was utterly gobsmacked when I read about the whales that could walk. Their remnants are still present in Egypt.

Scientists and marine explorers have discovered only nine species of the walking sharks as of yet. We cannot ignore the fact that we have explored only 5% of the entire ocean. According to experts, there are thousands of creatures that have not been discovered as yet.

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