Egypt's Ankh

10 Things You Should Know About Ancient Egypt’s Ankh

Ankh was used as a protection against magic and other dangerous cults. Most of the people of ancient Egypt used to carry Ankh's amulets with them.

Egypt‘s Ankh is one of the most well-known symbols of the olden days. It looks like a tear-drop shaped hoop; the hoop of the Ankh represents sun and life.

According to various scholars, Ankh was widely used back in the olden days mainly because it signified life on earth. The people of ancient Egypt adored their lives and lifestyles. Hence, they incorporated the ‘Ankh’ in most of the Egyptian structures. Multiple hieroglyphics, art, and artifacts show the significance of Ankh in ancient Egypt. Furthermore, the Ankh is sometimes referred to as the ultimate ‘Key of Life.’

The Ankh of ancient Egypt is also known as the ‘Key of Nile’. It is believed to be the first cross of the world. This particular symbol depicted the existence of life after death. 

Egypt's Ankh
Egypt’s Ankh. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Facts on the Ankh symbol

Here are ten interesting facts regarding the Ankh of ancient Egypt:

1) According to experts, ‘Ankh’ was used to portray the importance of life in ancient Egypt. Multiple monarchs had this symbol etched in their temples and burial chambers. It also portrayed physical life on Earth, everlasting life in heaven or the underworld, immortality, and even resurrection.

2) Ankh was used as a protection against magic and other dangerous cults. Most of the people of ancient Egypt used to carry Ankh’s amulets with them.

3) Ankh also symbolised a king’s life and reign. Hence, it is often shown in various temples and monuments. People used to present the Ankh to the pharaohs so they could be in their good books. It was more like a lucky charm of the olden days.

4) Multiple deities were shown holding an Ankh towards pharaohs in ancient inscriptions.

5) Certain egyptologists and experts believe that Ankh represents a combination of man and woman. It portrays the fact that both genders exist and hold a special place on planet earth. However, its origin is still a massive mystery.

6) You’d see multiple gods and goddesses holding an Ankh from its hoop. According to various historical accounts, the gods and goddesses gave birth to several things with the help of an Ankh.

7) Multiple mirrors were discovered with metal that had been shaped into the form of the Ankh. Certain experts suggest that these mirrors used to give a person the knowledge to see into another world.

8) Ankhs were made out of bronze, gold, glazed ceramics, stone and wood. Multiple materials were used to create various Ankh amulets.

9) The Ankh was also used as a good luck charm. Multiple pharaohs held it close to their hearts.

10) Egyptian queens and other significant ladies of the olden days used to wear Ankhs around their necks and ears.

Let’s summarise what we learned:

People of ancient Egypt were quite religious. Hence, they wore multiple amulets to protect themselves from evil spells. Moreover, the Ankh was one of the sacred symbols of Egypt. It is believed that gods showered blessings upon the monarchs of Egypt with the help of an ankh amulet. 

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