13 Things You Should Know About the Ancient Egyptian ‘Was-Sceptre’; A Device From the Gods?

Over a hundred different theories surround the Was-Sceptre of Egypt; some indicate that Was Sceptre was a gift from otherworldly beings, while others say it was a tool used by the ancient Egyptians to move megalithic blocks.

You may have seen engravings of ancient Egyptians holding a sacred sceptre or staff. What does it depict, though? Holding or carrying a sceptre in Egypt portrayed power. Over a hundred different theories surround the Was-Sceptre of Egypt; some indicate that the sceptre was a present from aliens, whereas the rest lean towards the fact that it was given to the pharaohs by the Egyptian Gods.

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Here are thirteen interesting things you probably did not know about the Was-Sceptre or the scared staff of Egyptians:

1) The ‘Was Sceptre’ is oftentimes referred to as the ‘Heqa’. As I have stated before, it was a massive symbol of power and authority. It was essential for the pharaohs to own one.

2) The sceptre is one of the most significant Egyptian symbols, and it was owned by powerful Pharaohs, Gods, Goddesses and Priests.

3) The Was-Sceptre was considered a magical instrument that brought divine power to the person who held it. It also enhanced a person’s ability to control the dynasty.

4) The Egyptians, in general, had bizarre concepts when it came to the afterlife. They firmly believed that they would attain power in the afterlife. Hence, some of the pharaohs and priests were mummified with their respective Was-sceptres.

5) Detailed descriptions of the Was-sceptres can be found on multiple ancient artefacts, relics, tombs, burial chambers, and temples.

6) It is believed that the head of the sceptre belongs to an alien. Moreover, the Was-sceptre has a forked end. People believe that it depicts the legs of the creature.

7) According to various historians, the ancient Egyptians considered the sceptre to be a gift from the Egyptian Gods.

8) A massive sceptre was discovered in a temple constructed by Thutmose Aakheperkare for one of the Egyptian Gods called Seth in the Naqada region. Thutmose Aakheperkare reigned from 1504 to 1492 BCE.

10) According to the archaeologists and historians, the ancient Egyptians believed that the Was-Sceptres had powers that were granted by the Gods.

11) In funerals and burial ceremonies, the sceptres were considered responsible for the well-being of the deceased and were sometimes incorporated in the tomb equipment, burial chamber, or coffin.

12) The Was-Sceptre was also considered an amulet. The Egyptians regarded the sky as being held on four pillars; the said four pillars were considered to be sceptres.

13) The sceptre also represented the fourth Upper Egyptian nome called the ‘Nome of Thebes’.

The ancient Egyptian sceptres are indeed a massive mystery as we do not know what power they held. The scientists and experts have pointed out that the creatures of the sceptres do not belong from this world. They may be aliens; we are not certain as it’s only a theory. We have no idea how Egyptians came up with an idea of incorporating such creatures in one of the most powerful tools. Moreover, the Was-sceptres were highly regarded in multiple Egyptian dynasties.

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