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10 Things You Should Know About the Ancient Padmanabhaswamy Temple Home to the Secret Sealed Door

Individuals believe that the treasure found in Padmanabhaswamy temple was heavily guarded by the deities.

The Padmanabhaswamy temple was constructed around the 16th Century by the kings who ruled over the kingdom of Travancore. According to the myths, the Travancore kings sealed enormous riches within the thick stone walls, chambers and vaults of the temple.

The temple itself is located in Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala, India. The title of the city of Thiruvananthapuram in Malayalam translates to the city of ‘Lord Ananta’, referring to the God of the Padmanabhaswamy temple.

One of the corridors of the temple.
One of the corridors of the temple. Source: Swamirara

Padmanabhaswamy temple is one of the most renowned temples in India. It is considered as one of the 108 holy dwellings of Lord Vishnu, an Indian God. It gained quite a lot of popularity when multiple underground secret vaults and chambers of the temple were discovered and opened by a group of experts and archaeologists. The temple was full of treasure. Experts and archaeologists believe that the treasure is over $22 billions worth.

Golden Idol
Source: Swamirara
Source: Swamirara

Here are ten interesting facts about the Padmanabhaswamy temple:

1) It is said that not all of Kerala’s temples are as tall and massive as this one. Majority of them have sloping roofs and are just a floor or two tall. The Padmanabhaswamy temple, however, is inspired by the Dravidian style architecture, which is why it looks like a lot of the neighbouring temples present in Tamil Nadu.

2) Certain individuals believe that the treasure found in Padmanabhaswamy temple was heavily guarded by the deities.

3) It is also believed that none were able to invade the temple because God Vishnu did not want anyone to step into his sacred house.

4) There’s a door in the temple that has not been opened as yet. Religious scholars and experts believe that it was sealed for a reason. There are no bolts or locks on the door. Two massive cobras are guarding the entrance.

5) Uncountable gold coins, ornaments, idols, elephants were discovered from the temple. The archaeologists have no idea who hoarded the treasure.

6) One of the main halls of the temple is adorned with frescoes representing various mystical legends and tales and is dedicated to safeguarding the main shrine; the unique statue of Padmanabhaswamy, which is one of the forms of Lord Vishnu.

7) According to the stories revolving around the temple and its existence, Lord Vishnu was crowned as the Emperor of Travancore back in the 18th century. It is said that the royal crown of Travancore, which belonged to Lord Vishnu, is preserved somewhere in the temple.

8) For decades, the guardians of the Padmanabhaswamy Temple went about their business without being aware of the treasure hidden inside the cellars and vaults. However, the treasure was revealed to the world in 2011.

9) There’s a legend that revolves around one of the chambers of the Padmanabhaswamy Temple. It is widely believed that it was sealed shut by sound waves and ancient mantras. We do not know what lies behind it. Hence, the experts have left it untouched.

10) It is believed that the temple was built out of solid stones to guard the deities during the rainy season.

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