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10 Things You Should Know About ‘The Lost Gospel’; An Ancient Document That Suggests Jesus Married And Had Children

Jacobovici claimed that Jesus' era was full of multiple powerful males. Hence, they abolished the existence of Mary Magdalene from all records.

Two renowned authors known as Simcha Jacobovici and Barrie Wilson managed to unearth one of the most questionable and mysterious manuscripts of all time called The Lost Gospel.

The manuscript is believed to be over 1500 years old. Moreover, it sheds light on Jesus’ personal life. Some people called it the real-life ‘Da Vinci Code’ as it contains some shocking details.

The Lost Gospel
The Lost Gospel. Source:
The Lost Gospel
Source: Wikimedia Commons

10 Facts

Following are ten fascinating facts regarding The Lost Gospel:

1) The authors, Jacobovici and Wilson, declared that the text does not contain Jesus or Mary Magdalene’s name. They further stated that someone was trying to tell the story by hiding the original names. Hence, Jacobovici and Wilson decoded the Gospel with a special trick.

2) The manuscript also states that Jesus was not just a carpenter’s son but a strong political figure. He played a significant part in the Roman Empire.

3) The Lost Gospel further states that multiple people tried to assassinate Jesus Christ as he was a powerful political figure. Some even tried to kill his wife, Mary Magdalene, and his children.

4) It states that there was a plot to kill Jesus Christ, rape his wife and slaughter his children before the crucifixion.

5) This 1500-year-old Gospel states that Jesus married Mary Magdalene. Moreover, they remained married until his crucifixion.

6) According to Jacobovici, this particular manuscript was written as a coded document. It tells a tale of Joseph and his Egyptian wife. However, Jacobovici claims that this work was written as a cryptic message to notify people that Mary Magdalene was Jesus’ wife and the mother of his two children.

7) ‘Aseneth’, Joesph’s wife, is portrayed as the most gorgeous woman in the ‘Lost Gospel’. She lived in a tower and admired various fake gods. She eventually fell in love with Joseph. Moreover, an angel visited her and told her that she would be Joseph’s wife one day. Hence, they eventually married and had two kids.

8) According to Jacobovici and Wilson, The Lost Gospel was never intended to be read in a simple manner. They claimed that the book was written to be decoded one day. According to them, this is the true and authentic story of ‘Christianity’.

9) Jacobovici claimed that Jesus’ era was full of multiple powerful males. Hence, they abolished the existence of Mary Magdalene from all records.

10) Jacobovici says that Vatican City agrees with his theory. Moreover, Dan Brown’s ‘Da Vinci Code’ is based on his idea.

Conclusion and my thoughts:

Being an avid reader, I can tell that Dan Brown’s ‘Da Vinci Code’ supports this theory. However, he did not specify anything in his book. He only pointed out some places where researchers have already tried looking for the evidence.

Moreover, quite a lot of people were offended by Brown’s book. I have had the opportunity to read it in the past, and it left me craving for more. The ‘Da Vinci Code’ by Dan Brown remains the most popular book of all time; it indicates that multiple mysteries have not been solved as of yet. I have no idea if Jacobovici and Wilson’s statements or theories are accurate or not, but one should seriously look into this matter.

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