13 Things You Should Know About Elon Musk’s Neuralink

According to the company, humans will be able to learn new skills with the help of this chip.

Neuralink is one of the companies that belong to Elon Musk. He wants to explore the field of science and turn fiction into reality. One of Musk’s main goals is to invent chips or devices that can be implanted in the human brain. He wants to develop a link between a human brain and a computer. The company, Neuralink, was extremely secretive back when it started operating and experimenting in 2016. However, they eventually made their intentions clear. The idea initially seemed bizarre mainly because multiple experiments have been done in the past that resulted in nothing but failure. Moreover, it’s a massive risk to play with human minds.

Source: Neuralink

Here are 13 significant points about Elon Musk’s Neuralink:

1) A Neuralink chip can be surgically implanted in your brain. The idea is to connect the human brain with a computer so it could control or manage all sorts of programs.

2) Humans will be able to mentally communicate with the machines or robots with the help of Musk’s brain chip.

3) The chip has already been tested on a pig called Gertrude. The idea was to record signals emanating from its brain to the snout. The pig is reportedly alive and healthy.

4) Elon Musk’s latest device will help study the electrical signals in the brain and arrive at solutions that can help cure multiple medical problems. It’s an artificial intelligence device that can solve problems for human beings.

5) Elon’s main idea is to ‘merge’ humans brains with computers.

6) The Neuralink chipset is known as N1. According to Elon Musk, the chip has multiple wires and they will be surgically implanted inside a brain with the help of a robot.

7) The N1 chip comes with several wires; each wire is as thick as the neurons in your brain and thinner than a strand of hair. Fascinating, isn’t it?

8) According to the company, the chip targets a specific area of your brain. Hence, you can place multiple in your head to connect different parts of your brain.

9) According to Musk, you will be able to control your mobile phone, computers, and other devices through your brain. The chip will send electrical signals to the machines.

10) The main goal of the N1 chip is to record and activate electrical spikes inside your brain. According to the company, humans will be able to learn new skills with the help of this chip.

11) The company has also designed a Neuralink robot which will be used to insert the chip into the brain. The robot will use small needles for the surgery. The needles are so small and thin that they cannot be easily seen with a naked eye.

12) The robot will not touch or disrupt any veins or arteries. Every single electrode will be inserted while avoiding all sorts of major blood vessels. Any harm to the brain can disable a person. Hence, Musk has taken special measures to avoid mishaps.

13) The said robot will make a 2mm incision which will be widened up to 8mm. Once the procedure is completed, the exposed part of the skull will be covered with the chipset module.

According to Musk, the company has also tested this device on a rat and monkey. The monkey was able to control a computer with his brain.

All in all, it is extremely dangerous to experiment or meddle with a human brain. Things could go wrong. The human trials have yet to begin; science enthusiasts are impatiently waiting for Elon Musk to commence the recruitment process.


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