5 Deadliest Creatures That Roam the Earth

Exotic creatures look fascinating, but some are extremely lethal for humans.

Mother nature, in general, has a lot to offer. What’s fascinating about it is that you’d stumble upon an interesting fact or two every single day. Curious individuals like us require in-depth knowledge about the creatures that practically live with us. Hence, we have rounded up five deadliest creatures that freely wander and inhabit planet earth.

Australian Box Jellyfish:

The first creature we’d like to talk about is called the ‘Box Jellyfish’. It’s considered as one of the deadliest sea creatures, as it can kill its prey within minutes. This particular jellyfish is quite massive and appears almost transparent in the water. It holds its prey in place while injecting a large amount of lethal venom.

It has enough to kill sixty people at a time. Moreover, the venom of a box jellyfish can cause extreme pain, cardiac arrest, paralysis, and death within minutes.


The ‘stonefish’ is oftentimes labelled as the deadliest fish found in the depths of the ocean. According to the experts, its venom is deadly for humans and causes heart failure within minutes. It is also known as one of the smartest aquatic creatures as it camouflages itself amid stones and attacks anyone who stumbles upon its path.

Furthermore, another fascinating fact about the stonefish is that it’s widely used in Japanese cuisine. The stonefish is used in making ‘sushi’ even though its spines are full of lethal, undiluted venom. It has 13 spines lining its back that release venom under pressure.

Black Widow:

Small but extremely dangerous. Black widows are generally found in Australia and are considered as the deadliest spiders of all time. The female black widow spiders have massive venom glands; their bites or stings can elevate your blood pressure and can ultimately cause heart failure.

Furthermore, according to the experts, the female black widows generally live up to 3 years. However, the life span of a male is comparatively short; the female often kills and eats the male after mating.

Fat-Tailed Scorpion:

I generally do not like scorpions even though I adore nature. Something about them makes me uncomfortable for some unfathomable reason. The fat-tailed scorpions are the deadliest in the world as their venom contains neurotoxins. The venom alone can cause a person to cease breathing within 6 hours.

Around 400 people lose their lives every year in North Africa due to scorpion bites. Despite their toxicity, the fat-tailed scorpions are popular in exotic markets, along with tarantulas and snakes; this can lead to many risks for the owners and buyers both.

Blue-ringed Octopus:

We oftentimes find ourselves poking an octopus with a stick on the beach, don’t we? Well, I’d recommend you to run as fast as you possibly can and inform the concerned authorities if you notice or come across a blue-ringed octopus. It is generally quite small but is extremely deadly and can cost you your life. Its venom is 1000 times more powerful and intense than cyanide, and this innocuous-looking creature can kill up to 26 humans within minutes.


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