A screenshot of the video showing the five alleged UFOs. Image Credit: YouTube.

5 “UFOs” Filmed Flying Over Idaho

A video filmed in December 2022 shows what UFO hunters say are five crystal-clear UFOs flying in formation. But is this really the case? Check out the video.


A recent UFO video posted on YouTube has people asking questions about what they witnessed over Idaho skies. A notorious UFO hunter known as Scott Waring took to YouTube to express his opinion on five objects that are flying in formation over Idaho. The UFO hunter speculates that objects are neither satellites nor space debris burning in the atmosphere. He says that the UFOs are clearly visible and that they, whoever he is referring to, are trying to make themselves known. He further added that this means that UFO disclosure is near.

Idaho UFOs?

The person who filmed the event says that the UFOs flew over Boise, Idaho, on December 15, 2022, at around 2:00 PM. The witness revealed the “UFOs” were surrounded by “smoke” and were leaving behind trails. He goes on to say that there is a possibility that these UFOs are just planes flying at high altitudes. It is noteworthy to mention that there are several airports in the vicinity where the alleged UFOs were filmed.


Airplanes or UFOs?

The video evoked different opinions and views. Some say these are UFOs and are evidence of technology not of this Earth. Others remained more skeptical, saying that these are no more than airplanes flying in formation at high altitudes. UFO believers argue that no airplanes are visible in the video. But there is a good reason for that. The person filming the videos didn’t zoom in enough to reveal airplanes that would appear as no more than mere dots in the sky. What we see here is nothing other than high-altitude planes. The objects do not display any characteristics that would suggest alien technology. The objects fly in a straight line and leave behind trails, just as many airplanes do.

Check out the video below, and let us know what you think these objects are. UFOs or airplanes flying at very high altitudes?


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Written by Ivan Petricevic

I've been writing passionately about ancient civilizations, history, alien life, and various other subjects for more than eight years. You may have seen me appear on Discovery Channel's What On Earth series, History Channel's Ancient Aliens, and Gaia's Ancient Civilizations among others.

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