The Benben stone

6 Interesting Facts About the Mysterious Benben Stone

Akhenaten, an 18th dynasty Pharaoh, came up with his own Benben stone and called himself a living god.

I was utterly gobsmacked when I stumbled upon the mysteries and theories that surround the ancient structures and monuments of Egypt. For example, most of the temples were built for Gods. The temples were offered as ‘peace offerings’ so the Gods could provide sustenance and prosperity in return.

Quite a lot of Egyptologists and archaeologists have been trying to solve mysteries ever since the structures, monuments and artefacts were discovered. However, some remain unsolved. For example, the mortuary temple of Seti has multiple modern-day machines engraved on the walls. The biggest question is that who built the temple, and how did they have information about the future?

Does it not sound strange to you?

Benben stone
The Benben stone of Egypt. Source: Shutterstock

The archaeologists have also found a mysterious object called the ‘Benben Stone’. The stone was discussed several times in Egyptian mythology. The said stone was once part of the temple of Atum in Heliopolis.

The Benben stone is an architectural term and is the name given to the capstone placed on the top of the pyramids. According to Egyptian mythology, various stories surround the creation of the universe. Ancient Egyptians were highly religious people and worshipped their Gods with all the might. They believed that their Gods had special powers, and they created the universe.

Here are six interesting facts about the ‘Benben Stone’:

1) One of the ancient theories suggests that the world was brought into being by a God named Atum. It is said that the world was a dark place, full of chaos and brutality. God Atum emerged from the waters on this particular stone.

2) Another theory suggests that he landed on this particular stone when he emerged from the sky. God Atum found himself alone as the earth was dark and had no beings in it. He somehow created another being and started the reproduction process. He was known as the father of Ancient Egypt.

3) The stone is believed to be a sacred object which was once kept in one of the special shrines known as the ‘HWT Benben’, which translates as the ‘House of Benben’.

4) The Benben stone was found in the innermost chamber of a temple in Heliopolis; it is widely believed that Atum once served as the chief deity of the temple.

5) It is said that the original cult object was lost in time, but the ones we now have belonged to some other pyramids. Each pyramid had a similar stone as they were blessed by different Gods.

6) The archaeologists discovered a Benben stone from the temple of Akhenaten, an 18th dynasty Pharoah. It is believed that he demolished all religions and made himself a living God.

All in all, the Benben stones were associated with different gods. One of the stones has a mysterious phoenix on it; it is believed that it belonged to the God of Phoenix. The Phoenix God could turn himself into a bird. Hence, ancient Egyptians built a temple for him so they could offer him presents for a better and peaceful life.

We truly believe that there are quite a lot of questions that require answers.


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