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8 Best Things You Should Do In Norway

Land of Northern Lights and Midnight Sun, home to Vikings and ancient Norse mythology...

“You will never be completely home again because part of your heart will always be elsewhere. That is the price you pay for the richness of loving and knowing people in more than one place”. ― Miriam Adeney

Norway is a land of untouched landscapes and mythical history.

In winter, you can witness Northern Lights, and in summer, you can explore the western fjords of Norway with a cruise. Its a country where the old uniquely meets the new, with a  blend of culture and tradition.

If you plan a trip to Norway anytime soon, here are the Top 8 Best Things to do while you are there.

Cruise the fjords

If you ever decide to visit Norway, a cruise is the one way to enjoy your summer holidays. Geirangerfjord and Næroyfjord are the two most famous fjords with a length of around 15 km.

They are also the most popular natural attractions in Norway.

Another option to explore fjords is kayaking. You will find a kayaking option on every corner.

Cruise or kayak, you will experience the astonishing scale of Fjords like nowhere else.

Explore UNESCO-listed Bergen

Located in the western parts of the country, Bergen serves as a perfect gateway to western Fjords. Part of its history goes all the way to the 12th century, and that makes Bergen one of the oldest ports in Northern Europe.

Rumors are true. It is the city in Norway with the most precipitation, but do not allow rain to ruin the fun. The beautiful mountains of Bergen are waiting to be hiked, don’t forget to bring a rain jacket.

Take time to refresh yourself with some coffee and cinnamon bun in a local coffee shop on your way down.

Make sure to grab a train ride from Oslo to Bergen. They say it is the most scenic train ride in Europe.

Visit the Arctic capital of Tromsø

From a small used harbor, Tromso has grown into the social capital of the North.

Here, you will find modern life fused with the history of the Arctic Circle. Vibrant nightlife and delicious arctic culinary specialties like reindeer and char are only a few things to try.

Here you will find the world’s northernmost botanical garden.

If you are someone who is more inclined towards exploring nature, there are plenty of activities for you there. These range from fishing and hiking to dog sledding and kayaking.

Northern Lights

Traveling far north is perfect to see and experience Aurora Borealis, or the Northern Lights. This natural phenomenon occurs in polar regions when electrically charged particles from the sun enter the Earth’s atmosphere and collide.

In Norse mythology, they were seen as Valkyrie armor’s reflections, while Vikings view then as a bridge between heaven and earth. “Heimdall, one the Bifrost!”


Lofoten Island and Tromsø are top locations for seeing the Northern Lights, and the best time to observe them is between mid-November and February.

Travel the famous ‘Road of Trolls’

Trolls are a big part of Norwegian folklore. They are spirits of the underground that run the bridge between playful helpers to real trouble makers.

Legend says all the big western Fjords are actually Trolls who turned into stone because of the sun.

This is one of the best-known roads to travel while in Norway.

With a spectacular 55 km of the breathtaking landscape, you will travel through deep valleys and colossal mountains to cross the Stigfossen waterfall bridge.

The road reaches an icy plateau with 850 meters of height.


Norway’s vibrant and cosmopolitan capital leaves everyone charmed by its innovative architecture, culinary scene, to world-class museums.

The development of the city throughout the years have put Oslo next to Stockholm and Copenhagen.

Being considered the country’s commercial hub, Oslo is the best place to glimpse a plethora of cultural offerings.

There is enough to keep you going with a long weekend from fine art and food to furniture design.

The outdoors are a big part of Oslo. During summer, you get a chance to spend a couple of days hiking local peaks, swimming in the lakes, or doing some gravel bike rides on endless trails of Nordmarka.

Viking Ship Museum

While in Oslo, this is the number one attraction to do. To see the world’s best-preserved Viking ship in the 21st century is a wish come true.

Gokstad, Tune, and Oseberg were sea-going ships before they were towed ashore and used in funeral rituals for their wealthy owners around the Oslo Fjord.

In their tombs, archaeologists found some of the richest graves of the Viking Age.

You will see the ships and skeletal remains at the Viking Ship Museum, beautiful wooden carvings, and artifacts that shed light on the Vikings’ fascinating world.

Lofoten Islands

Located up north, matching the same latitude as Greenland, this place is like nothing you have seen before. Big mountains, untouched deep fjords, and many more things to see, this place is home to Europe’s best landscape views.

If you are a fan of the outdoors, take a challenge, and climb the famous Reinebringen. The view from its top is mind-boggling.

If you want to experience well-known fisherman cabin life, be sure to check out Rorbu.

To keep your belly full and happy go and try some of Lofoten traditional cuisine. For example, the best seafood in Lofoten is in Fiskekrogen.

Even with mild temperatures in summer, this place is heaven on earth.

I hope you find your new adventure in Norway because this country is one of the unique destinations to visit in Europe.

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