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8 Things You Should Know About The Tulli Papyrus, Ancient Egypt’s Mass UFO Sighting

The said Egyptian text records an event which occurred during the 18th dynasty, around 1480 BC.

Ancient Egypt is known for various things, such as its amazingly rich culture, spectacular civilization, but also for its very peculiar divinities and customs. One such strange tale is of an ancient Egyptian document called ‘The Tulli Papyrus.’ The Tulli Papyrus is a text that explains a massive UFO sighting that allegedly occurred in Ancient Egypt during the reign of Thutmosis III.

Marble Bust of Thutmose III. Source: Pinterest

Moreover, the Tulli Papyrus is not the only document that seems strange to the world. The mortuary temple of Seti I is full of strange engravings. Several experts were utterly astonished when they stumbled upon them. They haven’t been able to explain them as of yet.

Following are eight fascinating facts regarding the Tulli Papyrus of Egypt:

1) The ‘Tulli Papyrus’ is a mysterious text that some describe as the first recorded account of a mass UFO sighting.

2) The said Egyptian text records an event which occurred during the 18th dynasty, around 1480 BC.

3) The papyrus was lost for centuries. However, the director of the Egyptian Section of the Vatican museum named Alberto Tulli allegedly discovered this papyrus in an antique shop in the 1930s.

4) Alberto Tulli and his papyrus became a massive hit within UFO-related legends. Many Ufologists use it as an indisputable source of alien existence.

5) The Tulli Papyrus is considered to be one of the earliest known accounts of a fleet of flying saucers.

6) The said papyrus was severely damaged and contained various gaps when it was discovered. Prince Boris de Rachewiltz reported that the papyrus was part of the Annals of Thutmose III.

7) This UFO sighting took place in 1480 BC and was observed by multiple people of ancient Egypt. Ancient Egyptians were extremely advanced in astronomy and had sufficient knowledge about strange beings.

8) The papyrus describes the story of ‘a circle of fire’ that had settled in ancient Egypt during the reign of Egyptian pharaoh Thutmose III.

Some people question the papyrus’ authenticity as the original document was never discovered. Alberto Tulli claimed that he found this particular document in an antique shop, but it was too expensive for him to purchase. Hence, he made a copy of it. Tulli also stated that he hurried back to the shop to buy the papyrus at any cost taking the Vatican officials in confidence. However, the papyrus had simply vanished. Moreover, the experts could not find the name of Thutmosis III on the papyrus. It is believed that it belonged to his era.

We have no idea if Tulli’s account is accurate or not, but we do have several pieces of evidence on the walls of multiple temples. The Tulli Papyrus is the only document that tells a tale of UFO sightings. Approximately two decades later, an Italian noble called Prince Boris de Rachewiltz, brought the papyrus into the spotlight again when he found a torn version of the papyrus translation among papers left by Alberto Tulli.

Several things are still a massive mystery, but quite a few people find the tale to be true and authentic.

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