A Massive, Never-Before-Seen Cave has Been Found in Canada

There is no reference to the cave's existence anywhere, and experts believe it has never been accessed by humans.

The cave is massive, there’s no reference to its existence anywhere, and it has never been entered by humans.

Researchers working for the Ministry of National Resources have discovered a supermassive cave in Canada. In fact, the cave is so large that its entrance alone measures a fascinating 100 meters by 60 meters across.

Researchers say it could be the largest cave discovered in Canada. Image Credit: Catherine Hickson / Canadian Geographic.
Researchers say it could be the largest cave discovered in Canada. Image Credit: Catherine Hickson / Canadian Geographic.

But despite its truly humungous size, experts believe the cave has never been accessed or seen by human

The cave was spotted after a helicopter exercise above Well Gray Provincial Park in British Columbia.

The cave “has a number of features that when combined indicate a cave of national significance” and constitutes “a major new find in Western Canada, and promises a dramatic new chapter in the story of Canadian cave exploration,” explained John Pollack and Chas Yonge in a document they co-wrote that summarizes the significance of the find.

“It was absolutely amazing,” geologist Catherine Hickson, who first went to the cave, told CBC News.

“I immediately recognized that this was very significant.”

Despite its size, there’s no evidence about its existence anywhere, and experts believe it has remained completely hidden from sight until now. Researchers have not been able to find any reference to the cave anywhere. To try and figure out more about it, they are now contacting indigenous tribes inhabiting the area in hopes they will tell them more about the massive cave.

But, how could you miss such a massive cave until now?

According to experts, the reason why the cave remained hidden from sight is that until recently, the entire area was covered in ice and snow all year long.

However, climate change and rising temperatures have caused the snow and ice to melt, revealing the behemoth of a cave.

Until now, only one person has descended into the cave. Lee Hollis successfully made it 80 metes inside the cave but was prevented from going any further due to a massive waterfall inside the cave, which is believed to produce between 5 to 15 cubic meters of water every second.

It is believed that the cave also has a massive underground river.

The cave has yet to be named officially, but researchers have temporarily named it “Sarlacc Pit” referring to the nightmarishly gruesome pit monster from the Star Wars movies.

Canadian Geographic explains that “the exact depth and size of the cave has not been determined, but Pollack said he believes that the water flowing into it forms an underground river that emerges 2.1 kilometers away and 500 meters lower, which gives some early indication of the cave’s length.”

Canadian Geographic
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