A Mysterious Metal Monolith Found In Remote Utah Wilderness Stumps Experts

The exact location of the object has not been reported. The authorities have not yet decided what to do with it.

If you thought 2020 was over with surprises, here’s something new and never before seen. A mysterious Monolith, made of metal, in the nothingness of the Utah desert…

Last week (Wednesday, November 18), a team from the State’s Wildlife Resource Authority was flying over the Utah desert in a helicopter to count local bighorn sheep from the air when they spotted a mysterious monolith sticking out of the sand.

According to the pilot of the helicopter, one of the biologists noticed the monolith while they were flying above it and immediately requested that they go back and check it out.

Of course, nobody expected this discovery when they were landing the helicopter nearby.

A mysterious art installation or a clever prank? Credit: dpsnews.utah.gov
A mysterious art installation or a clever prank? Credit: dpsnews.utah.gov

When they reached the site, biologists found a shiny metal monolith between 3 and 3.5 meters high. It was firmly installed, not just dropped to the ground from above.

Officials suggested that the monolith in the desert was installed by an unknown artist or a big fan of Stanley Kubrick’s cult sci-fi movie A Space Odyssey 2001, based on a story by Arthur Clarke.

In the film, the entire plot is built around an alien black obelisk, a smooth rectangular monolith, whose “double” was found in the desert.

At this time, access to the location is prohibited. The exact location of the monolith in the Utah desert is kept secret until it is decided what its fate will be. Undoubtedly, fans of science fiction and conspiracy theories in the county would visit the place as soon as they understand the location, and this is the last thing the government wants right now.

Of course, this further aroused public interest, as in the huge Reddit platform people are already trying to find the exact coordinates using the small video and photos.

Measuring the size of the monolith. Credit: dpsnews.utah.gov
Measuring the size of the monolith. Credit: dpsnews.utah.gov

As for the origin and purpose of the metal monolith in the Utah desert, theories do not stop. It would be quite convenient if this was really a simple art installation by a fan of the film, but what is the chance?

One thing is for certain – this object was man-made and should be brand new – the addition of screws and rivets should be enough to stop the speculations about aliens and others.

The most logical explanation is that this is either some very ambitious and strange art installation or a huge joke.

Maybe somewhere right now someone is standing behind the screen and bursting into laughter reading the reactions to the mystery of the monolith in the Utah deserts.

And if it really is an art installation, this is definitely a rather strange place to choose and, moreover, extremely difficult to reach and place something of this size.

There are many questions and we will most likely not get answers very soon. For starters, it would be interesting to know exactly what material the monolith is made from since we only know it is something like metal. Then, I think we need to know how deep it goes in the ground.

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