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Alice Rings: Experts find strange loops within the fabric of reality

Loops in Reality: Physicists Dive Deeper into Quantum Anomalies.


In a thrilling twist to quantum physics, scientists have spotted unusual loops, reminiscent of the whimsical world of Wonderland. Named ‘Alice rings’, these peculiar structures have been observed in a super-chilled gas, providing a novel avenue for studying unique one-sided magnetism.

Drawing inspiration from Lewis Carroll’s iconic ‘Alice in Wonderland’, the newly observed Alice rings are a product of collaboration between US and Finnish researchers. This partnership isn’t new to groundbreaking discoveries; they’ve previously delved deep into quantum distortions known as topological monopoles.

How to Find Alice Rings

Monopoles, elusive entities that appear to function like isolated magnetic poles, are reminiscent of Alice’s surreal experiences. While dissecting a magnet won’t segregate its poles, quantum mechanics suggests potential scenarios where these one-sided forces might arise.

Although some monopoles manifest as elementary particles, they have yet to be identified, rendering them purely theoretical. Yet, in the bubbling arena of quantum fields, transient monopoles can emerge, producing distinctive magnetism before dissolving back into the quantum soup.


From Quantum Whirlpools to Alice Rings

Physicist Mikko Möttönen of Aalto University, Finland, is no stranger to the quantum realm’s complexities. By 2015, he and his team had successfully observed a topological monopole within a super-chilled rubidium atomic state called Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC).

A couple of years later, they unveiled another revelation: these monopoles can evolve. Their recent exploration unveiled that as topological monopoles transitioned, they formed Alice strings, which, when looped, are recognized as the Alice rings.

Interestingly, while regular monopoles fade within milliseconds, Alice rings persist up to 20 times longer. “From afar, an Alice ring mimics a monopole. However, the real magic unveils when you peer through its core,” shares physicist David Hall from Amherst College, US.

Alice’s Quantum Looking Glass

The so-called “Alice rings” have an uncanny resemblance to Alice’s magical mirror. When other monopoles journey through these rings in a BEC’s quantum field, they undergo a transformation, mirroring their former selves and altering the ring’s identity.

While witnessing this inversion remains a future endeavor, the mere discovery of Alice rings emanating from topological monopoles has electrified the quantum community.


The implications of this discovery are vast, and while immediate applications remain speculative, the insights garnered can reshape our understanding of quantum realities. “The emergence of Alice rings is fundamentally paramount, offering a beacon in our quest to uncover the Universe’s profound secrets,” Möttönen shares with ScienceAlert.

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