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Are You Among the Elite 2% Who Can Solve Einstein’s Riddle?


Are you up for a challenge? Einstein's riddle has stumped many people over the years. But are you among the elite 2% who can solve it? Read on to find out.

Unravel the Enigmatic Puzzle Believed to Baffle 98% of the World

Do you have the brains and the logical prowess to tackle a puzzle so elusive that it’s said only 2% of the population can solve it? Famously known as the “Einstein riddle,” this challenge has drawn attention from Stanford University and captivated minds for years. Dive in to explore the riddle’s origins, test your deductive skills, and discover if you can join the ranks of those who have solved it.

The Origins of the Einstein Riddle

Although it’s called the “Einstein riddle,” its true origins are shrouded in mystery. Some believe that a young Einstein crafted this enigmatic puzzle, while others attribute it to Lewis Carroll, the renowned author of Alice in Wonderland. Despite its unclear beginnings, the riddle has been cracked by some scientists and used as a benchmark for computer algorithms solving constraint satisfaction problems.

Dare to Solve the Riddle?

Ready to put your intellect to the test? Grab a pen, paper, and your trusty logic skills to tackle this legendary brain-teaser. The riddle revolves around five houses on a street, each with a unique set of variables concerning their inhabitants, pets, and habits. Using 15 clues provided, your task is to determine the answer to the ultimate question: “Who owns the fish?”

The 15 Clues to Guide Your Deduction

  1. The British inhabit the red house.
  2. The Swede owns a dog.
  3. The Dane savors tea.
  4. The Norwegian resides in the first house.
  5. The German smokes Prince cigarettes.
  6. The green house is directly to the left of the white one.
  7. The green house’s dweller drinks coffee.
  8. The Pall Mall smoker keeps birds.
  9. The yellow house’s inhabitant smokes Dunhill.
  10. The person in the central house drinks milk.
  11. The Blends smoker lives next to the cat owner.
  12. The horse owner resides beside the Dunhill smoker.
  13. The Bluemaster smoker enjoys beer.
  14. The Blends smoker has a neighbor who drinks water.
  15. The Norwegian’s home is adjacent to the blue house.

The Einstein Riddle Solution

If you’re eager to crack the code yourself, stop reading now! No tricks or wordplay are involved—just follow the clues and deduce the answer. Once you’re ready, the solution awaits below.

Valid answers for the riddle: 1st House: Yellow, Norwegian, Water, Cat, Dunhill 2nd House: Blue, Danish, Tea, Horse, Mixtures 3rd House: Red, Brit, Milk, Bird, Pall Malls 4th House: Green, German, Brown, FISH, Prince 5th House: White, Swedish, Beer, Dog, Bluemaster

The Einstein Riddle solution: the fish owner is none other than the German neighbor. Were you among the elite few who solved the puzzle?

Reference: Solving “Einstein’s Riddle” Using Spreadsheet Optimization, Julian Scott Yeomans

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