Astronomers Scan Strange Alien Megastructure Star for ‘Signs of Advanced Lasers’

There are some stars out there that are plain beautiful and we love to gaze at them through our miniature telescopes.

Many of these ancient stars have been observed for thousands of years by ancient cultures around the globe.

Myths, legends, and fascinating stories resulted from observing these stars.

geralt / Pixabay

But things have not changed much in modern times.

There are stars out there that wake our wildest imagination.

There are stars in the universe that have been found to dim erratically, and without earning. They don’t follow any known patterns, and we don’t know why they are blinking the way they do.

One of the most mysterious stars in the universe is dubbed Tabby’s Stars.

It’s officially called KIC 8462852 and it tends to dim a lot, almost as if something massive was passing in front of it.

In fact, some call KIC 8462852 the Alien Megastructure star, because some theories have suggested that the star was surrounded by a kind of Dyson SPhere, built by aliens to harness energy from the star.

But since we have no idea what that ‘something massive is’ we decided to listen and look for aliens at Tabby’s Star.

This alien sun is located more than 1,470 light years away from Earth.

Scientists have recently scanned the star for a kind of laser emission that could be potentially produced by an extremly advanced Alien civilization.

Scientists from UC Berkeley SETI approached the star from a different angle.

The results of their study have been made available at the preprint server arXiv, and are waiting to be peer-reviewed.

“We analyze 177 high-resolution spectra of Boyajian’s Star in an effort to detect potential laser signals from extraterrestrial civilizations,” the researchers wrote in their paper.

Thanks to data from the Lick Observatory’s Automated Planet Finder Telescope, the researchers looked for a sort of continuous laser beam, stronger than 24 megawatts.

As explained by experts, that is the lower limit of power detectable by the telescope at a distance of 1,470 light-years away.

This power level lies within our own technological standards. This means that if there are ‘aliens’ somewhere near Tabby’s star, they are at least as advanced as we are. They might have powerful lasers, and they may have been using it, allowing us to find them.

Eventually, as the team combed through the data gathered by the telescope, they found a few signals that looked very promising.

However, they were later ruled out.

“False positives resulting from cosmic ray events were eliminated through a secondary multi-step analysis process,” the researchers explained.

“The top candidates from the analysis can all be explained as either cosmic ray hits, stellar emission lines or atmospheric air glow emission lines.”

This means, so far, there aren’t any signs of aliens at Tabby’s star. But that doesn’t mean we won’t find them traces of their existence.

Obviously, scientists remain puzzled by the star and refuse to give it searching the star for traces of alien technology.

So maybe in the near future, once we have more powerful telescopes, we will observe KIC 8462852 with better tech, and find ‘signatures’ we may have previously missed.

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