A screenshot showing the mysterious objects. Image Credit: Chuck's Astrophotography.

Astrophotographer Spots Two Strange Lights He Can’t Explain

The objects were not satellites. They were not asteroids. It wasn't the space station. It was something that according to him, he had never before seen.


I have been doing, or better said, tried doing, astrophotography for the past two years. Also, I have gone from basics to more complex photography, using sky tackers to compensate for the earth’s rotation, and so on. I have learned how to shoot the moon and the Milky Way and have even done some photography of deep-sky objects. Not that I am bragging (yes, I am a bit) you can check out some of my shots here. Throughout the years, I have learned a lot. I have learned that doing astrophotography is no easy task.

It is stressful at times. A bit tiresome as well. And it also requires you to escape to the darkest possible place, away from city lights or light pollution. In the winter, it requires you to be in freezing temperatures. In the summer, it is the mosquitos you have to fight off. But every one of my adventures was well worth it. And I am very eager to learn more. Much of what I have learned about astrophotography, I have learned from a friend of mine who is arguably one of the BEST astrophotographers in Croatia, a man called Branko Nad, or as he goes, BN Photography. Many of my adventures in astrophotography have been guided by him. In fact, one of my favorite astrophotography shots we took together is this one, where we act as if we were being abducted by aliens.

The wonders of YouTube

Speaking of aliens and astrophotography, YouTube is my go-to place for trying to learn new tricks about astrophotography. I spent a lot of my free time learning about cameras, lenses, trackers, and everything else related to astrophotography. So I follow a lot of people I consider are experts in the field. And recently, I came across an interesting YouTube short from a photographer I follow on YouTube (the video is a year old, but I guess I had missed it). Strangely, the primary video was not about the astrophotography aspect but about two strange objects that appeared in his timelapse of 21 photographs, captured across nine minutes. In the YouTube short, the astrophotographer who goes by Chuck’s Astrophotography explains that he had noticed something he had never before seen while shooting the sky through his telescope.

“This is a timelapse of 21 pictures I captured across nine minutes,” he explained in the YouTube short. He continues saying, “the objects appeared right on the edge of my pictures. I have never seen two lights go across my field of view in this manner before.” “Now, mainly its satellites I have seen flash across my screen in a matter of seconds, and asteroids don’t cover this much space in nine minutes, so that’s out,” he explains.


What could it be?

He revealed that the unidentified objects he saw in his pictures were captured on September 9th, 2021, at 10:33 EDT. Each of the pictures has a fifteen-second exposure. While he can’t think of anything that could explain what he had captured, he clarifies that one explanation might be that he had actually photographed a pair of geosynchronous satellites. These satellites usually remain locked in orbit with the Earth. However, what doesn’t make sense to him is that, if these were indeed satellites locked in a geosynchronous orbit, why do the objects not appear stretched in the 15-second exposure?

Although the video was captured a year ago, I decided it was worth a write-up since, not long ago, I asked my friend Branko Nad whether he believed in Aliens. In fact, when we were speaking about ET and UFOs, we were in the middle of nowhere. We were under what is considered the darkest skies in Croatia, shooting the stars. Although we did see a few satellites, and a few of them photobombed our photographs, we never really saw what the video by Chuck’s astrophotography shows. So I guess it is only worth saying that the truth is out there, my good people. So keep looking up, admiring the wonders of the universe.


Featured image credit: Chuck’s Astrophotography/ Screenshot YouTube.

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Written by Ivan Petricevic

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