Blue Origin is Going to The Moon; Company Claims It Will Meet 2024 Moon Landing Deadline

Meet Blue Moon; Blue Origin's newly developed lunar lander that will take astronauts to the moon in 2024.

A new moon landing may not be so far away. Blue Origin recently revealed they have developed a lunar lander and are set to land astronauts on the moon by 2024.

NASA, SpaceX, move aside, Jeff Bezos just unveiled Blue Origin stunning new lunar lander.

Blue Origin is now part of the space race to see Americans back on the moon.

The CEO of Amazon and Blue Origin has revealed the intricate steps that will take American astronauts back to the moon, in an invite-only event in Washington.

Blue Moon; Landing on the Moon

During the secretive event, Bezos revealed a massive model of the firm’s first lunar lander dubbed Blue Moon.

“This is an incredible vehicle, and it’s going to the moon,” Bezos explained, according to CNN. “It’s time to go back to the moon, this time to stay.”

As noted by Bezos, their lunar lander has been developed for the past three years and is ready to meet the 20204 crew moon landing deadlines revealed earlier this year by the Vice President of the United States of America, Mike Pence.

This is Blue Origin's Blue Moon Lander. Image Credit: Blue Origin / YouTube.
This is Blue Origin’s Blue Moon Lander. Image Credit: Blue Origin / YouTube.

Landing on the moon again is something many countries are eager to achieve.

Mankind has not been on the moon’s surface since 1972, despite the fact we have the means and technology to do so without hassle.

Blue Origin has revealed their new lunar lander will have the ability to carry different types of payloads to the surface and can transport ‘multiple metric tons.’

As noted by Blue Origin, Blue Moon will ‘enable a sustained human presence on the moon.’

Blue Moon is built around a technology Blue Origin has been working on for several years.

As noted by the CNN, Blue Origin is also building a new rocket engine that is set to be used specifically for moon landings.

The system, dubbed BE-7, has been in development for at least three years. The first tests of the engine could take place this summer.

Stepping Stone for Solar System Exploration

Blue Origin’s plan could serve as a stepping stone for lunar colonization. Having functional lunar bases could help mankind explore the rest of the solar system in the near future.

But we need to take small steps if we want to achieve big things.

According to Bezos, interest in their lunar lander is big and they already have around six customers.

And if the human race wants to live on, Earth’s resources won’t do it revealed Bezos during the event. Theref0re, we need to look towards space if we want to continue thriving.

“That’s the path that we would be on,’ Bezos explained according to CNN. “It would lead for the first time to where your children and grandchildren have worse lives than you. That’s a bad path.”

“The future will be better for our children – and our children’s children – if we use space to benefit life on Earth and enable millions of people to live and work in space,” the company revealed.

“The next logical step in this path is a return to the Moon. To do this we need reusable access to the lunar surface and its resources.”

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