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Chinese Scientists Turn Copper into ‘Gold’

Chinese scientists have managed to turn copper into ‘Gold’ by blasting it with a jet of super-hot gas.

A team of Chinese scientists has managed to turn cheap copper into a new material which is nearly identical to gold, according to a study published in the peer-reviewed journal Science Advances.

But the new ‘gold-like’ substance will not be a cheap and easy way to become rich.

Copper and gold have a similar weight, which is why throughout the centuries, many alchemists saw copper as a gateway to quick riches.

But regrettably, as explained by experts, the new material can’t be sued to make fake gold since the material’s density remains the same as ordinary copper.

But despite the fact that people won’t be able to become super rich super fast by turning copper into gold, the new material could prove lucrative for a number of industries according to researchers.
Most of our technology greatly rely on precious metals which are essential parts of a number of things.
Many electronic devices contain massive amounts of gold, silver, and platinum, among other elements.
In fact, if we were to look at the smartphone industry alone, experts estimate that around 40 smartphones can contain as much gold as a tone of ore.

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