A hypothetical Advanced Alien Civilization Type III Kardashev Scale. Artist’s Illustration. Depositphotos.

Cosmic Whispers: In Search of Advanced Alien Civilizations in the Heart of the Milky Way

Could the enigmatic core of our Milky Way galaxy be harboring advanced extraterrestrial civilizations? This question stirs the imagination and echoes through the vast expanses of our cosmic neighborhood.


Could advanced alien civilizations exist in the heart of the Milky Way galaxy? As I wrote not long ago, stars known as pulsars naturally give off narrow-frequency pulses, similar to the ones deliberately employed in human technologies such as radar. Due to their distinctive quality amidst the background radio noise of space, these pulses offer an effective means of long-distance communication, making them an intriguing focus in the hunt for extraterrestrial life. With this thought in mind, software was created by a group of researchers led by Akshay Suresh, a graduate student from Cornell University.

Detecting repeating frequency patterns

The software was designed to detect these unique repeating frequency patterns, and it was put to test on known pulsars to ascertain its effectiveness at picking up these slender frequencies. The frequency ranges it detects are considerably narrow, about a tenth of the width of frequencies used by an average FM radio station. To put their method into practice, the research team utilized data from the Green Bank Telescope located in West Virginia.


The “What if?” question

Could the enigmatic heart of our Milky Way galaxy be harboring advanced alien civilizations? This question stirs the imagination and echoes through the vast expanses of our cosmic neighborhood. Driven by the tantalizing possibility of such an existence, researchers have devised new tools and techniques, seeking answers in the heart of our galaxy. Yet, what would it mean if these civilizations not only existed but were also substantially more advanced than our own?


Advanced Alien Civilizations in the Heart of the Milky Way

Understanding the potential capabilities of these civilizations requires a framework, and for this we turn to the Kardashev scale. Devised by Russian astrophysicist Nikolai Kardashev, this scale categorizes civilizations based on their energy utilization. Type I civilizations can harness all of their home planet’s energy, Type II civilizations can utilize the entire energy output of their star, and Type III civilizations can control the energy of their entire galaxy. Could these beings residing in the galactic center be a Type III civilization, capable of drawing upon the incomprehensible power of the Milky Way itself?

What if one day…

And what if one day, amidst the cosmic radio noise, we intercepted and decoded a message from such an advanced civilization? The implications are staggering. The discovery of extraterrestrial intelligence would trigger a paradigm shift in human culture, altering our self-perception and our place in the universe. It might galvanize efforts towards space exploration, accelerate technological development, or even revolutionize our philosophies and religions.

What would change?

However, the ultimate question lies in the ‘what if’ – What if these advanced alien civilizations exist? What if they are indeed far more advanced than we can fathom? What if we receive a message from them? And perhaps the most challenging to grapple with: What if they are waiting, just as we are, for a sign of existence from across the cosmic void? As we ponder these questions, we continue to listen and explore, each discovery carrying us further along the path of understanding our universe and our place within it.


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Written by Ivan Petricevic

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