Crashed UFO from Mussolini’s Era Seized by US, Reveals Insider

An ex intelligence officer has revealed that the US seized a crashed "alien" vehicle from Mussolini-era Italy in 1933.


David Grusch, an ex-intelligence official, hinted this week that the US confiscated an alien spacecraft from Italy after World War II. The ship was reportedly discovered during Mussolini’s reign.

The earth-shaking revelation about UFOs came to light, largely thanks to Grusch. The ex-official, safeguarded by a defense law, publicly affirmed that the US government holds wreckage and technology of non-human origin. Although the mass media didn’t fully embrace this news, the French newspaper Le Parisien sought out Grusch for more details.

Grusch disclosed to the French media that one non-human object was discovered before the famous Roswell incident in Italy. He stated, “One object that was recovered crashed in Italy in 1933. This is the oldest case I was briefed on.”

Fascist UFO Files: Crashed UFO Seized by US

Italian journalist Roberto Pinotti linked this case to the “Fascist UFO Files,” dating back to the same era, as per the Black Vault. The supposed flying saucer crashed near Lombardy’s Magenta on April 11, 1933. Mussolini himself authorized a covert intelligence unit, “Gabinetto RS/33,” to investigate this event.


Characteristic of dictatorial paranoia, Mussolini squashed evidence of the spacecraft, and his security forces were ordered to keep an eye on the skies. But, another UFO sighting occurred in 1936 over Venice. Mussolini even involved radio pioneer Guglielmo Marconi in investigating the events, with RS/33 Cabinet sharing several findings with Nazi Germany.

A telegram about a crashed UFO.
In 1933, a telegram was sent to Mussolini, notifying him about an incident involving an “alien – unknown” vehicle. The telegram’s contents emphasized the importance of maintaining secrecy regarding this event, specifically emphasizing that it should not be disclosed to the Italian media.

The Seizure: US Acquisition of “UFO” tech Post-WWII

The query of how the US acquired these Italian alien artifacts points to the world events unfolding in the years following. Pinotti explained, “In April 1945, the 1st Armored Division captured the SIAI Marchetti Aviation Facility. The remains of the Magenta UFO were probably held there and later transported to the US.”

Regarding the origin of these objects, Grusch firmly believes they’re non-human. “The mechanical and experimental data indicate it’s not human,” he stated. He did not rule out extraterrestrial or other-dimensional origins as quantum mechanics suggests.

Whistleblower’s Plight: Grusch’s Personal Challenges

Grusch also revealed attempts to discredit him, from trying to strip his security clearance to lodging misconduct allegations. Remaining anonymous offered him protection, as public figures tend to enjoy the defense of public support.

Grusch further mentioned the countries privy to these secret programs studying non-human materials. These are primarily the members of the Five Eyes alliance – Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.


Awaiting Further Insights: Upcoming Interview and Non-Profit Launch

An extensive interview with Grusch, shedding more light on alleged alien bodies and massive ship sightings, is scheduled for broadcast on News Nation. Grusch also plans to establish a non-profit foundation this year to involve the scientific community in studying this critical subject.

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