UFO Madrid

Did This Flight Attendant Film a UFO?

Is this a UFO, or a natural phenomenon?


On August 27, passengers aboard a flight from Madrid to Lanzarote experienced an unexpected spectacle. Laura Cruz, a flight attendant, managed to capture a baffling luminous object that remained stationary in the sky, challenging conventional aircraft behavior.

Eyewitness Accounts and Expert Insight

Accompanying Cruz was Héctor Escalante, a Venezuelan expert in unidentified flying objects, who later shared this perplexing sighting on his Instagram. While netizens scrambled to offer explanations – from window reflections to sunlit water bodies and distant boats – Cruz negated these theories.

Cruz recalled, “Moments after leaving Madrid’s runway, this odd, radiant entity caught my attention. We were soaring above ground, not water. And our altitude matched that of the mysterious object.” The phenomenon was fleeting, lasting mere minutes before it disappeared behind clouds and the plane’s trajectory.

As for the authenticity of the video, Escalante vouched, emphasizing that had the footage been tampered with, he wouldn’t have shared it. “I ensure every piece of evidence undergoes stringent checks,” he remarked.

It’s crucial to recognize that numerous reported UFOs are simply natural phenomena misinterpreted as unexplained aerial occurrences. Additionally, a significant number of these purported UFO sightings, even those captured on video, have logical and mundane explanations.


Importantly, the term UFO, which stands for “Unidentified Flying Object,” does not equate to extraterrestrial or otherworldly; it simply signifies an object in the sky that the observer cannot readily identify.

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