Did You Know? The First Tallest Building To Ever Exist On Planet Earth Was A Pyramid

It is widely believed that various other cultures followed the footsteps of the Egyptian dynasties and built similar structures.

These humongous offerings built in the memory of the Egyptian pharaohs have become synonymous with the country even though various cultures residing in different parts of the world constructed similar structures.

It was initially debated that the first pyramid belonged to some other culture, but the archaeologists and historians ultimately concluded that the first pyramid to ever exist is in Egypt. It is still standing tall and proud even though it’s thousands of years old. It is widely believed that the step pyramid of Djoser is the first building to ever exist on planet Earth. Nobody built such massive structures before King Djoser.

The statue of King Djoser. Source: Pinterest

Who built the pyramid, though?

Pharoah Djoser was the first king of the Third Dynasty of Egypt.
The Egyptians initially used to construct ‘mastaba’ tombs or burial chamber for their deceased. The tombs used to be of rectangular shapes. Also, they used to construct them with dried clay bricks. The limestone blocks were not introduced back then.

It is believed that the pharaoh’s vizier suggested constructing massive buildings, which are now called pyramids. He wanted to construct an impressive masterpiece for his beloved king. Hence, it was his idea to stack various mastabas on top of one another, progressively making them smaller to form the shape now known as the Step Pyramid.

We have insufficient information about the first king of the Third Egyptian Dynasty. However, it is assumed that he was the son of the last pharaoh of the Second Egyptian Dynasty. According to certain studies and evidence, his mother was known as the queen ‘Nimaathap’. Moreover, his wife was known as the queen ‘Hetephernepti’, who was presumably his half-sister.

Pharaoh Djoser was quite ambitious and wanted to construct several monuments and structures all across Egypt. The archaeologists and historians believe that he ruled for approximately twenty years. However, we have not been able to locate the evidence of his reign as yet. We do know that he was widely respected by multiple dynasties, even the ones that came after him.

The construction of Djoser’s pyramid

The Step Pyramid of Djoser has been comprehensively inspected and examined over the last century. The historians and archaeologists believe that the construction process went through several different stages, and there were a couple of false starts.

Imhotep, Djoser’s vizier, appears to have first begun constructing a simple mastaba tomb. It is said that the highest mastaba was approximately 20 feet tall. The king’s vizier was not satisfied with the height and decided to go higher. Various studies indicate that the pyramid initially began as a rectangular structure but was later changed to what it is now.

We have no idea why Imhotep decided to change the shape of the pyramid. However, we do know that he introduced the concept of pyramids in the first place. The Step Pyramid was built in the 27th century BC, and it’s still standing in Egypt. According to historians, it is the oldest tall building to ever exist on planet earth. It is widely believed that various other cultures followed the footsteps of the Egyptian dynasties and built similar structures in their respective regions.

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