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Discover the World’s Favorite Animals: A Colorful Map Reveals All

What are the world's favorite animals per country

Welcome to a journey of discovery where we explore the world's most beloved animals. From the African savannah to the depths of the ocean, a colorful map will guide us in uncovering the fascinating creatures that capture our hearts.

Dive into a fascinating world map that unveils each country’s most cherished animal, thanks to Explore Worldwide researchers who analyzed search data from the Google Keyword Planner tool. Covering over 180 countries and 170 animals, the map features each country’s beloved creature, from hippos and seals to moose and tigers.

From Curiosities to Popular Picks: Animals Around the World

Explore Worldwide experts sifted through search terms that evoked emotions and interest, such as “[animal] + safari” and “how to see [animal name],” in all native language translations. The study showcases a diverse array of wildlife, with hippos, seals, and moose among the top ten favorites. Intriguingly, South Koreans prefer bears, while Icelanders adore zebras. On the other end of the spectrum, pythons, sharks, and storks each received a single vote, making them the least popular.

The World’s Most Adored Animal: The Tiger

Tigers hold the top spot, ranking first in 44 countries. Hippos come in second, being favorites in 25 countries, including Switzerland, Haiti, and Guinea. Dolphins secure third place, most popular in countries like Honduras, Guatemala, and the Cayman Islands. Whales and gorillas round out the top five, with the latter being best spotted in Uganda, which hosts half of the world’s mountain gorilla population.

Tigers captivate people with their majestic appearance, unmatched strength, and unique fur patterns. These versatile and fantastic creatures are fast, skilled swimmers, and exceptional predators, showcasing the wonders of nature.

A Glimpse at Each Country’s Preferred Animal

A map showing the favorite animals on Earth. Image Credit:
A map showing the favorite animals on Earth. Image Credit:

Word’s favorite animals

Here’s a snapshot of favorite animals by country:

  • Iceland: Zebra
  • Norway: Whale
  • Sweden: Deer
  • Finland: Bear
  • United Kingdom: Dolphin
  • Ireland: Gorilla
  • France: Hippopotamus
  • Spain: Whale
  • Portugal: Whale
  • Morocco: Seal
  • Italy: Whale
  • Malta: Tiger
  • Germany: Deer
  • Denmark: Seal
  • Belgium: Seal
  • Luxembourg: Hippopotamus
  • Albania: Gorilla
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina: Tiger
  • Croatia: Tiger
  • Moldova: Tiger
  • Slovakia: Zebra
  • Czech Republic: Lion
  • Lithuania: Pangolin
  • Armenia: Python
  • Turkey: Horse
  • Greenland: Whale
  • Australia: Monkey
  • New Zealand: Dolphin
  • Fiji: Manta Ray
  • Tonga: Wild Dog
  • Solomon Islands: Tiger
  • Papua New Guinea: Tiger
  • Japan: Cat
  • South Korea: Bear
  • Palau: Crocodile
  • Cambodia: Hippo
  • Laos: Dolphin
  • Vietnam: Leopard
  • Argentina: Horse
  • Uruguay: Whale
  • Brazil: Whale
  • Paraguay: Whale
  • Chile: Whale
  • Bolivia: Stork
  • Peru: Penguin
  • Ecuador: Elephant
  • Panama: Whale
  • Costa Rica: Penguin
  • Colombia: Whale
  • Guatemala: Dolphin
  • Cayman Islands: Dolphin
  • Nicaragua: Panda Bear
  • El Salvador: Tiger
  • Mexico: Tiger
  • Senegal: Hippopotamus
  • Mali: Hippopotamus
  • Gambia: Tiger
  • Guinea: Hippopotamus
  • Sierra Leone: Tiger
  • Liberia: Tiger
  • Gabon: Hippopotamus

In the United States, the tiger is favored in most states, with a few exceptions like Montana and Maine (moose), Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico (camel), and Florida and Vermont (lion).

Michael Edwards hopes that this research encourages travelers to recognize that wildlife adventures extend beyond just elephants and tigers. With so many fascinating animals around the globe, there’s an abundance of opportunities for wildlife enthusiasts to explore and appreciate the diverse creatures that inhabit our planet.


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