Divers Spot World’s Largest-Ever Recorded Great White Shark, Jump in to Swim With It

Yeah, not for me.

For most people, seeing a shark while swimming in the ocean may be a terrifying experience.

Let’s face it, ordinary people don’t want to go for a swim during our vacation just to encounter a 2.5 ton ‘Deep Blue’ swimming right next to us.


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PERSPECTIVE ❤️ Deep Blue going straight to @oceanramsey If you are ever approached by a large shark, this is how you want to respond to it, swim away from it slowly to give the shark space in case it is being territorial and always keep eye contact, never turn away and act like prey. So much more that needs to be applied for diving with sharks safely, to #coexist Ocean wrote a nice disclaimer for people wanting to just jump in the water with a shark like Deep Blue. Disclaimer: I highly discourage people from jumping into the water purposely with Great #WhiteSharks and TigerSharks and all sharks should be given respect as space as wild animals and PROTECTION from wasteful killing for their important ecological role. I work daily in the water with sharks as a shark biologist and teach public and professional safety programs through @OneoceanResearch and @OneOceanDiving and through a number of our international projects which also includes #greatWhiteShark research specifically. I try hard to replace fear with scientific facts and encourage a healthy level of respect for sharks as #apexPredatorsNotMonsters but not puppies…but not monsters. They are sharks and I love and respect them for what they are. Yes I absolutely LOVE sharks and have a deep understanding and respect for their capabilities combined with well over a decade of full time experience working in-water with them.  My life mission, passion, and I think purpose is to help further conservation efforts for them through research, conservation, design, and immersive and impactful programs and outreach. Please check out all the divisions of #OneOceanDiving listed below for more information and please help us to ban #sharkfinning #sharkfishing #sharksportfishing and #sharkculling around the world. I just found out the the bill to ban the purposeful killing of sharks and rays in Hawaii will be re-introduced this year in both eh house and senate following all the positive shark press that has come from this incredible encounter in the last few days. Mahalo nui loa (thank you) to all those who support efforts for shark conservation photo by #juansharks using @aquatech_imagingsolutions

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But this is exactly what happened when divers swimming in the waters around Hawaii spotted.

As they were minding their own business and enjoying the beautiful water of the Hawaiian Islands, they spotted ‘Deep Blue’ a gigantic shark, believed to be around 50 years old, weighing 2.5 tons and measuring 20 feet long.

The Great White Shark was most likely drawn to the water around Hawaii in what a diver describes ‘all you can eat buffet’ – to feed on a dead sperm whale.

In 2013, Deep Blue was seen in Mexico when scientists fitted it with a tracker in order to help identify its location.

5 years later, Deep Blue is on vacation near Hawaii.

And just as Deep Blue was enjoying the water and grabbing a bite to eat, VConversationphotographer Juan Oliphant was out there swimming with fellow divers who spotted Deep Blue near them.

And once they did, they decided they wanted to go and have a swim with the massive 2.5-ton shark.

Oliphant managed to snap a plethora of stunning, mind-bending images showing man and beast swimming side by side.

Oliphant posted the videos and images he captured on his Instagram account where he wrote:

 “Face to face with the worlds largest great white ever recorded ‘Deep Blue’ with @oceanramsey.”

“I’m still in shock that we spent almost the whole day with this amazing animal in my backyard.”

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Face to face with the worlds largest great white ever recorded “Deep Blue” with @oceanramsey. I’m still in shock that we spent almost the whole day with this amazing animal in my backyard. I haven’t slept in almost two days and spent all morning looking for her today with no luck so far, as long as there is a chance I will do every I can to make it happen again. #endangeredspecies #extinctionisforever #notgivingup #unicorn #fingerscrossed #oahulife #ApexPredatorNotMonster #cagethefear #hawaii #whiteshark #sharks #DeepBlue #greatwhiteshark #helpsavesharks shot by #juansharks using [email protected]_imagingsolutions @canonusa @xcelwetsuits @cressi1946 @north_sails @guayaki @oakley #oneocean #onechance

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“I hope my conservation images like this help people to question their perceptions and realize the beauty, and importance of sharks and I hope that they inspire the kind of compassion and connection we need to have with nature and sharks, to help protect them and coexist alongside them.”

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@oceanramsey in the right place at the right time. The reality is that this moment took years or even decades to play out this way and I’m going to say it is due karma for Ocean. I spent the last decade trying to keep up her. Ocean is always working late into the night and getting up super early for work, writing papers for permits, shark research, conservation, leading dives, training safety divers, creating non profits, writing to senators and CEOs, doing educational out reach, organizing reef and beach clean ups, creating shark conservation designs and a clothing line all for shark conservation. Ocean has decade her life to sharks and that is the biggest part of why I love her so much. She doesn’t do it for ego or fame, purely for love and hope that people can see that. She actually is a shy person that would rather keep to herself but the only reason she speaks up and gets in front of a camera is for them, the sharks. She learned early on after finishing her marine bio degree that there will be nothing left to study if we don’t speak up for these animals. Everyone has a part to play in shark and ocean conservation. Education is the key. The only sad thing in all of this is to see other conservationist and scientists waste their valuable time attacking other scientists and conservationist. We really need to all be working together. Put the egos aside and let’s work together to #helpsavesharks for the next generation if not for ourselves. Focus on the sharks and save them is what Ocean is about and I wish more people were like her. This amazing photo is not mine. Photo by @camgrantphotography also in in the right place at the right time 🤙🏽 #OceanRamsey #sharkconservation #sharkresearcher #savetheocean #ApexPredatorNotMonster #cagethefear #stopsharkfishing #stopsharkfinsoup #stopsharkculling

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Fellow diver Kimberly Jeffries, wrote: “If you asked me a few days ago what the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen in Hawaiian waters the answer probably would be pretty different.”

Great White Breakfast

Posted by Kimberly Jeffries on Wednesday, January 16, 2019

“If you asked me yesterday the answer would be freediving with Deep Blue, a great white, the largest ever documented, who was last seen in 2013 in Mexico.”

“If you asked me right now, it would be freediving with, interacting with and photographing not one but multiple, different great whites AND Deep Blue.”


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