The USS Nimitz UFO that reportedly hovered over an underwater disturbance in the ocean. Some believe that there was either another mysterious object or an underwater base where UFOs come from. Credit: US Navy

Do UFOs Come From Underwater Bases? 10 Things You Should Know

Most of the global ocean remains unexplored. What if UFOs have been hiding in underwater bases and this is the reason why nobody can track them down or solve the mystery of their origin?


Where do UFOs disappear shortly after being spotted by humans? Isn’t it weird that nobody succeeds in tracking down a UFO when he sees one? Even the military has been unable to do so or even more – we do not know anything about the origin and purpose of these objects. At least, this is the official version.

With the upcoming release of America’s classified reports on UFOs and UAPs, this could all change. Ultimately, more and more former Pentagon and Navy employees have been coming forward with serious claims about mysterious objects and sightings. In turn, netizens and enthusiasts around the world have been discussing the latest news, coming up with new theories and explanations.

One of the most active contributors is filmmaker Jeremy Corbell. A few weeks back, he leaked the spectacular US Navy video of a pyramid-shaped UFO that was later confirmed as real by the Pentagon. Corbell is now suggesting that Navy officials consider the possibility that UFOs come from underwater bases. Let’s discuss this possibility.

Do UFOs come from underwater bases located in our oceans?

The following list includes facts and data derived from officially confirmed UFO sightings, curious suggestions by experts and enthusiasts, as well as our own cogitations and opinions.

1. Here is an important fact that suggests UFOs come from underwater bases. To date, all sightings that have been confirmed by the Navy or Pentagon have occurred over or near the sea.

2. Furthermore, most confirmed foreign cases have also occurred in similar geographical locations. For example, the Aguadilla UFO in Puerto Rico which we have discussed in a previous article but will once again as it fits the description.

3. Since we mentioned Aguadilla, it has been confirmed that the UFO disappeared in the ocean. In fact, it came from the ocean and returned there. This was all caught on video by a flight crew from the airport that was apparently being monitored by the object.

4. Moreover, there have been numerous claims about UFOs that suggest they can maneuver and move with equal speed and ease both in the air and underwater.

5. For example, another former Pentagon employee came out with some serious claims last week. The focal point was the reveal that UFOs have previously disabled America’s nuclear weapons. Besides that, Luis Elizondo also mentioned that they have monitored UFOs that reach 11,000 miles per hour even underwater.

6. Next, do you remember the three UFO videos that US Navy released some time ago? Of course, you do, they have been published over and over again everywhere ever since. The oldest of the videos includes the so-called Tic-Tac UFO, captured by commander David Fravor, a fighter pilot.

According to him and another pilot who participated in the encounter and chase, they first noticed how the water in an area of the ocean was “boiling” as if there is a passing object underwater.

7. The theory that it could have been a submarine has been dismissed long ago since there were none in the region on that day. More curiously, the pilots believe that the Tic-Tac UFO was observing the “boiling water” as if it was also going to descend in this direction.

8. Another curious case takes us back to the 1990s when a Navy member was on a mission to recover a torpedo from the ocean’s surface. His team was sent with a helicopter but then they saw something extraordinary.

The torpedo was sucked into the depths of the ocean by a mysterious dark object that appeared underwater and was spotted by the pilot of the helicopter. Once again, it was not a submarine but something that to date has not been explained.

9. Not all UFO sightings occur near a sea or an ocean but all that has been confirmed by officials to date have this in common. Considering that we have explored only a fraction of the global ocean, why shouldn’t we consider that UFOs could be coming from underwater bases? It actually seems like the most secure place if they want to remain hidden from us.

10. There shouldn’t be any doubts that the unexplained UFOs we witness are extraterrestrial. But even if they are coming from far away, perhaps there are underwater bases here on Earth from where UFOs come and go.

I’ve always believed that the different objects seen around the world must be related. If we are under alien surveillance, I believe that it includes a single civilization or an alliance of some kind. I don’t think UFOs come from different sources. And with this said, I see the speculations that there is an underwater network of bases for UFOs to be completely possible.

Will we learn anything significant when the United States release their confidential UFO report? Even if it includes closure on confirmed cases we already know about, it would be significant.

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