When You Realize SAHARA Proves a GREAT FLOOD Actually Happened

Does the Sahara Prove a Great Flood Actually Happened?

Did a catastrophic, massive flood wipe across the Sahara desert?


Was there a catastrophic flooding event that covered most of the Sahara? And what does that tell us about our history? The Sahara is shrouded in mystery. Not only because it is a vast area of land that has dramatically changed over thousands of years, but because it is home to numerous striking features that, some claim, defy explanation. The Sahara is massive, covers 9,2 million square kilometers, and is the largest “hottest” desert on Earth and the third-largest desert after that of Antarctica and the Arctic. Its name comes from the Arabic word for desert, Sahara. Such is its size that the Sahar covers parts of countries such as Algeria, Chad, Mali, Morrocco, Suda, Tunisia, Egypt, and Niger, among others.

Fluvial erosion in the Sahara?

Not many people are willing to entertain the idea, let alone speak about, that there is evidence of a catastrophic water version across the Sahara. Others, like YouTube Channel Bright Inside, are willing to give it a shot, saying that a catastrophic flood once raged across the Sahara, and it was so big that evidence it left behind could easily be identified by looking at satellite images. Whatmore, you do not even have to be an expert to see the telltale signs. Because, apparently, they are so evident. And while the idea is certainly one worth pursuing further, no one within the Academic scientific community is willing to give it a shot, nor is anyone willing to discuss it. Why is this?

According to Bright Insight (Give him a follow if you have not), because everything we have been taught that involves the history of climate change on our planet contradicts ideas of catastrophic flooding of the Sahara. Certainly, a couple of interesting finds in the Sahara might actually point towards a possible massive flood in the not-so-distant geological past. And one such discovery is vast quantities of salts that settled on the Saharan bedrock. Check out the video below to find out more why this idea is worth the thought.


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Written by Ivan Petricevic

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