Elon Musk Could Travel to Mars in Seven Years

Elon Musk could travel to the surface of Mars within seven years. SpaceX CEO has ‘vowed’ to travel to the red planet and admitted he may never return to Earth.

According to Musk, there is a seventy percent chance that he will personally travel to Mars, and may never return to Earth. Musk says that people who like him, want to travel to Mars will have to cash out $200,000 in what is most likely a one-way trip to Mars.

The Big F***ing Rocket really is BIG.
The Big F***ing Rocket really is BIG.

The trip to Mars will be possible thanks to the ‘Starship’ previously known as the “Big F***ing Rocket”. Not long Ago, using Twitter, Musk announced that his largest rocket will now be referred to as Starship.

“Renaming BFR to Starship,” Musk explained in a tweet.

“Technically, two parts: Starship is the spaceship/upper stage & Super Heavy is the rocket booster needed to escape Earth’s deep gravity well (not needed for other planets or moons.”

Speaking in an interview on HBO current affairs programme Axios, Musk said: “I know exactly what to do… I’m talking about moving there. We think you can come back but we’re not sure”, he added.

“There are lots of people who climb mountains. People die on Mount Everest all the time. They like doing it for the challenge”, he said.

“It’s gonna be hard. There’s a good chance of death, going in a little can through deep space.”

And according to Musk, those who DO travel to Mars will most likely face a tough time as they would have to work nonstop in order to build a base where they could survive Mars.

SpaceX hopes to begin unmanned tests of the ‘Starchip’ in late 2019. The ship will most likely be used to carry payloads to the moon, but also help astronauts travel to Mars and beyond.

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