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UFO or not?

Ex-Navy Pilot Reveals Frequent UFO Encounters: “Pretty Much Daily”

An illustration showing three UFOs hovering above the ocean. Depositphotos.

Former US Navy fighter pilot speaks up about unexplained sightings during missions.

A former US Navy fighter pilot, Lt. Ryan Graves, has opened up about his encounters with UFOs, stating that he witnessed them “pretty much daily” while on duty with squadron VFA-11, known as the Red Rippers, as revealed by the Mirror.

Frequent UFO Sightings with the Red Rippers

Graves shared his experiences of coming into contact with strange crafts, flashing lights, and other unexplainable phenomena during his missions. Ultimately, these encounters were classified as UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena), another term for UFOs.

Encounters Spanning Morning to Evening

Graves recalled that his first UFO encounter occurred during a training mission off the coast of Virginia, USA. He described the sighting as if “the sun was shining a flashlight” on the UAPs. Graves said the sightings were a daily occurrence: “We would go out there, and they would be out there in the morning; they would be out there in the evening.”

The number of UAPs observed during these encounters ranged from two or three to as many as six or seven at a time.

Encouraging Others to Share Their Sightings

As a former Super Hornet pilot, Graves has decided to speak out about his experiences in hopes of encouraging others who have witnessed similar unexplained aerial phenomena to come forward and share their sightings.

The importance of understanding unexplained UFO sightings cannot be overstated, as these phenomena can offer insights into unidentified technologies or natural occurrences that have yet to be fully comprehended.

Credible witnesses

With numerous credible witnesses, including military personnel, astronauts, and pilots like Lt. Ryan Graves, UFOs are no longer seen as a fringe conspiracy topic but rather a genuine area of inquiry. By examining these sightings, researchers can potentially uncover groundbreaking information about our world and the universe, while fostering scientific innovation and promoting a more open-minded approach to the unknown.

Encouraging an honest dialogue around UFO sightings allows for a better understanding of our surroundings, paving the way for new discoveries and dispelling the stigma that once surrounded these unexplained events. And if you want to learn more about UFOs, make sure to read this article, where I go through 5 characteristics unique to UFOs.

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