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Experts solve mystery behind “UFO” fragment that crashed on a farm

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An Australian farmer last year reported an enigmatic object plummeting onto his property, initially believed to be a UFO. The object’s true origin, however, became clearer over time. So what is this mystery object? A UFO fragment that crashed on a farm? Or something more in the likes of humans, like space trash? Here is the story.

Experts Solve Mystery Behind “UFO” Fragment That Crashed on a Farm

In 2022, images secured by Reuters revealed a 2.7-meter-high black piece on the farm floor. The news made headlines, and some people believed that a UFO fragment came raining down from above, eventually crashing on the farm. In a conversation with The New York Times, the farmer likened the object’s scent to a charred tree or burned farming machinery.

This hefty, scorched debris — estimated at 80 cm and 15 kg — landed vertically on Mick Miners’ farm, with additional fragments falling onto a neighboring acre owned by Jock Wallace. Both farmers hail from the Snowy Mountains area, south of Sydney in New South Wales.

 Farmers Seek Expert Help

Following these occurrences, the farmers reached out to astrophysicist Brad Tucker to examine the area and probe the mysterious space remnants, which experts believe started their earthward journey on July 9. As the farmer recounted, he stumbled upon the object while herding sheep to pasture.


NASA specialists assert that the object is part of SpaceX’s Dragon ship, more specifically, a discarded segment from last year’s launch. “The debris originated from a SpaceX mission. We’re maintaining contact with our American counterparts and Commonwealth and local authorities as needed,” a spokesperson declared.

Public Safety Advisory

NASA cautioned against handling such objects and urged immediate reporting to authorities. Tucker, a seasoned expert in such matters, confirmed on his YouTube account that the debris belonged to SpaceX Crew-1, the unpressurized capsule that ferries astronauts into space.

The not-so UFO Fragment That Crashed on the Farm

“In the debris photos, the charring is evident, expected from re-entry. It’s uncommon to see them land on land, usually, it’s the ocean. It was both exciting and bizarre,” the astrophysicist shared.

Speaking to ABC media, Tucker added, “People often think space debris is small and will burn up on re-entry, but large pieces like this are more likely.” Falls of such space objects, often from decommissioned satellites or rockets, are not unprecedented. Tens of thousands of objects thought to form a ring of space debris reportedly exist in Earth’s atmosphere. Seeing a mysteruoi UFO-fragment on a farm field is therefore not a surprise any longer. Regrettably.


I think by now, with all the space junk that is coming down to Earth, we humans should definitely be more familiar with the trash that happens to rain down to Earth. So, the next time you see a mysterious, UFO-like object sitting in the middle of your farm, or the beach, fear not; it is likely not a UFO fragment but just another piece of space junk.

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