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FAA Releases Document Detailing Incredible UFO Reports

The declassified document details more than sixty UFO reports made by pilots in 14 years.


When it comes down to UFO sightings, there are a lot of things that government or government agencies know but have not told the general public for whatever reason.
This is not necessarily because someone is attempting to hide aliens or keep something a secret, but just because certain things cannot simply be shared with the public. They have to undergo certain procedures.

Recently, researcher Kyle Warfel received a list of reports within the FAA database called Comprehensive Electronic Data Analysis and Reporting (CEDAR), which refers to Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) or Unidentified Flying Objects ( UFO) from January 1, 2008, to the present.


The material was obtained through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request and released by John Greenewald on his site, The Black Vault, dedicated to hosting this type of government documents.

It should be noted that this development contradicts previous statements by an FAA spokesman, who last year stated that the institution “does not track these reports.”

Based on the document we see here, there is no doubt that the FAA did, in fact, keep records of UFO sightings.


There have been more than 60 cases in 14 years.

The list of reports is arranged in rows and columns. For example, it details 64 reported cases where commercial airline pilots have seen things in the sky that they could not identify. These range from lights, drones, and streaks in the sky, to disc-shaped objects and weird-looking craft.

While many of the reports in the document are most likely not the work of aliens, there are certainly a few reports that are beyond strange, and their description resembles recent UFO sightings made by military personnel. One such report comes from 2015, where a pilot reported a disc-shaped craft flying over Lake Milton, Ohio, changing direction abruptly. The pilot attempted to catch up with the object but could not.

Another sighting took place a few years earlier, in 2014, and it mentions an aircraft reported to have been followed by a UFO. The pilot contacted air traffic control asking whether there was another object near his airplane, to which traffic control answered there was not. Eventually, the UFO disappeared from sight.

In 2017, several pilots reported seeing an unidentified flying object which they described as an aircraft with no markings. The sighting was reported to air traffic control which could not spot the aircraft on radar. Eventually fighter jets were sent to investigate, but the object eventually disappeared.


But not all UFOs have been reported as being extremely fast. For example, a sighting that took place in 2018 describes a red and green circular light pattern flying westbound “very slowly.”

A more recent event, dating back to 2020, mentions a very large object that resembled either an elongated saucer or cigar-shaped object moving through the sky at incredible speed. Curiously, this object was reported as not having any wings or tail and resembled the so-called Tic-Tac UFO encountered by Navy Fighter pilots.

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