First Ever Complete Cure For Cancer to Become Available in a Year Claim Scientists

The treatment, called MuTaTo, is essentially on the scale of a cancer antibiotic, a disruptive technology of the highest order.

Billions and billions of dollars have been raised in the past in order to understand, treat, and cure cancer.

However, so far, no one has been able to provide a functional cure for cancer.

Now, Scientists from Isreal claim to have made progress, and not only that, they say they have finally developed a complete cure for cancer, which will become available within a year.

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Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies Ltd in Israel claims to have discovered a way to cure cancer, with the help of a network of protein fragments called peptides.

These small protein fragments can wrap around cancer just like an octopus, and attack the tumor cells from different angles, successfully reaching areas that other treatments can’t.

“We believe we will offer in a year’s time a complete cure for cancer,” said Dan Aridor, of a new treatment being developed by his company, Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies Ltd. (AEBi), which was founded in 2000 in the ITEK incubator in the Weizmann Science Park.

“Our cancer cure will be effective from day one, will last a duration of a few weeks and will have no or minimal side-effects at a much lower cost than most other treatments on the market,” Aridor said.

“Our solution will be both generic and personal.”

Too good to be true?

In December of 2018, Nobel Prize winner James Allison, who helped develop immunotherapy, said: “Soon we’ll get close with some cancers,” citing progress against some forms including melanoma. But, “the world will never be cancer-free,” reports the Daily Mail.

Now, Israeli scientists may have proven him wrong.

Their treatment is called MuTaTo –multi-target toxin–, and it’s essentially on the scale of a cancer antibiotic, a disruptive technology of the highest order, claim reports.

As reported by the Jerusalem Post, the game-changing anti-cancer drug is based on SoAP technology, which belongs to the phage display group of technologies.

The cancer-curing technology involves the introduction of DNA coding for a protein, like an antibody into a bacteriophage – a virus that infects bacteria.

As noted by JPost, the protein is then displayed on the surface of the phage. Researchers can use these protein-displaying phages to screen for interactions with other proteins, DNA sequences, and small molecules.

Unlike other Cancer Treatments, MuTaTo makes use of a combination of several cancer-targeting peptides for each cancer cell at the same time, which, combined with a strong peptide toxin, eliminates cancer cells specifically. 

The researchers claim that their results “are consistent and repeatable.”

Despite this, not everyone is convinced.

Dr. Ben Neel, director of Perlmutter Cancer Center at NYU Langone Health, told Fox News in an email:

“Of course, curing cancer is the goal of everyone who comes to work every day at a cancer center — and if this company does, in fact, cure cancer, they will have my congratulations and thanks. But cancer is multiple diseases, and it is highly unlikely that this company has found a ‘cure’ for cancer, any more than there is a single cure for infections.”

The Jerusalem Post
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