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Former Intelligent officer says UFOs could come from another dimension

A former intelligent officer hints at the possibility of the non-human intelligences piloting UFOs that come from a different dimension.


Where do UFOs come from? Are they aliens? Or do UFOs come from another dimension? A former intelligence official theorizes that UFOs may not be extraterrestrial but could be from an alternate dimension. The recent complete interview with David Grusch, a former intelligence officer, hinted at an interdimensional theory regarding the origin of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs). Grusch stirred public interest by suggesting the possibility of the non-human intelligences piloting these crafts hailing from a different dimension.

Grusch’s Reluctance to Use ‘Extraterrestrial’

Grusch, in his talk with investigative journalist Ross Coulthart on News Nation, chose to consistently refer to the unidentified crafts’ crew members as “non-human intelligences” (INH) instead of “extraterrestrials”. His choice stems from a lack of substantial data to pinpoint their precise origins.


Are UFOs from another dimension?

Grusch, who boasts a background in physics, pondered on the possibility of these beings originating from an alternate physical dimension, akin to theories described in quantum mechanics. He presented the idea that the unidentified beings may not necessarily be from outer space, but could come from a higher dimension that exists in parallel with our own.


Despite his speculations, Grusch maintains that these mysterious crafts don’t originate from one single place. His hypothesis includes multiple species from diverse origins visiting our planet. His theory aligns with the idea that these crafts may not need to cover massive interstellar distances, but could travel non-linearly in ways currently beyond human understanding.

Previous Theories and Supporting Evidence

Grusch is not the first to speculate on interdimensional origins. An archival FBI document suggests that the crews of UFOs hail from “an ethereal planet that interpenetrates with ours and is imperceptible to us.” Additionally, it notes that the bodies of the visitors, along with their crafts, materialize automatically upon entering a specific range of matter vibrations.

Grusch’s theories open the door to a fresh perspective on the UFO phenomenon, leading the ongoing discussion away from the traditional extraterrestrial hypothesis and towards an interdimensional one. These new theories add another layer of intrigue to the study of UFOs, as scientists and researchers seek to unravel their origins and intentions.


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