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Former Space Security Chief Reveals Aliens Are Real, But Mankind Not Ready to Meet Them

An image of an alien geing? Source: Shutterstock

Haim Eshed, former head of Israel's space security program, revealed that aliens are real and have been in cooperation with mankind for different purposes.

Have you ever wondered how exactly you would feel or react to the sight of real aliens? Or if, for example, one day the governments reveal their existence. Or if we actually find life forms or actually developed species in space?

Well, according to an Israeli ex-space security chief, aliens are more than fiction and the State of Israel has been in contact in the past.

Why has it remained a state secret? I’m sure you would guess the answer as it has been said countless times in the past – mankind is not ready for this knowledge.

This information and all I will discuss below come from an interview with Haim Eshed, the former head of the space security program in Israel.

Eshed, who served for almost three decades and has received numerous state honors, is now 87 and has decided to reveal some of his secrets.

Real Aliens?

He agreed to an interview with Yediot Aharonot and spoke about his previous experience and some unexpected state secrets.

According to him, real aliens not only exist but have their own “Galactic Federation”.

He claims that both Israel and the USA have been in contact with extraterrestrials for a long time and have certain agreements with them.

According to Eshed, real aliens are in cooperation with mankind and have reached certain agreements. For example, Mars will play a major role as a ground for this cooperation.

Human – Alien Cooperation?

Eshed mentioned the future creation of an underground base on Mars which will house both human and real aliens.

He also mentioned the US President Donald Trump. Eshed claims that Trump is part of the entire plan and was even on the verge of revealing the truth publicly.

However, he was stopped and convinced that mankind is not ready to know that there are real aliens.

Why Did Haim Eshed Choose To Reveal This Now?

Of course, such an interview cannot end without the obvious question – why reveal this information now?

What Eshed explained was that this was the correct time to do it and that he had been waiting for it. He gave an example of how much he is respected in the community.

If he had revealed all this information about the real aliens years ago, nobody would have believed him. He would have been sent to the hospital.

But now, when he is 87 years old, has numerous awards and recognitions, and the respect of the academic community, he can reveal this without worrying.

And in truth, I believe we have seen such occasions in the past as well. Former NASA or Area 51 personnel revealing stories about UFOs and aliens long after retiring but not during their active years.

Haim Eshed also has a new book that reveals much more than he mentioned in the interview. It is called “The Universe Beyond the Horizon – conversations with Professor Haim Eshed” and in it, he described previous dealings with real aliens in detail.

Of course, there is no official evidence or statement to support or reject Eshed’s claims. And honestly, I do not expect that either the US or the Israeli government would confirm anything at this point.

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