Four astronauts return to Earth

Four astronauts return to Earth

After half a year aboard the International Space Station, four astronauts make a memorable splashdown near Florida's coast.


As dawn approached on Monday, four astronauts, having completed a six-month mission on the International Space Station (ISS), made a remarkable return to Earth. Their SpaceX capsule, brilliantly descending through the night sky, landed in the Atlantic waters off Florida’s shoreline.

Among the returnees were NASA’s Stephen Bowen and Warren “Woody” Hoburg. They were joined by Russia’s Andrei Fedyaev and Sultan al-Neyadi from the United Arab Emirates, marking him as the first individual from the Arab world to have undertaken an extended orbital sojourn.


Anticipated Desires

After docking at the ISS in March, the astronauts expressed a deep yearning for the comforts of Earth: the feel of a warm shower, the taste of freshly brewed coffee, and the invigorating scent of ocean air. Though they faced a day’s delay due to unfavorable weather conditions at the intended splashdown sites, the eventual descent provided an awe-inspiring visual treat, illuminating the Cape Canaveral skyline.


Upon their return, their overwhelming joy was palpable. In SpaceX Mission Control’s words, “A roomful of jubilation awaits here.”

Seamless Crew Transitions

Preceding their return, SpaceX had already dispatched their successors just over a week ago. Another shift in crew members is on the horizon later this month. This upcoming switch will welcome back two Russians and an American astronaut, who extended their space residence to an entire year after their initial Soyuz capsule faced a coolant leak, necessitating the launch of a replacement.

In between these astronaut rotations, the ISS consistently houses a team of seven astronauts.


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