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Fresh UFO Hearings Are Coming As Congress Calls Whistleblowers to Testify

It is expected that public hearings will be held in Congress following the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act 2023, and whistleblowers have already been asked to testify.


As someone who is a fierce UFO believer, I am all about clarity. I am all about the truth. But the whole truth. Not the partial truth. I want the real deal, and like millions of people across the globe, I want to know what UFOs represent. And the year 2022 seems to have greatly contributed to a massive UFO disclosure movement. In fact, 2022 saw many important changes in the UFO community. UFOs are no longer a thing of the conspiracy world. Scientists are now willing to research the phenomenon. NASA has a dozen astrophysicists trying to figure out what UFOs know. And while this research is very much welcome, it isn’t enough. The protection of people in the military and government sectors who know more about UFOs is even more needed. But we are heading in the right direction.

It has been reported by the Liberation Times that the NDAA could be passed “after the midterm elections” in November. Political divisions and changes in party composition after the midterms are key. However, the Ukrainian situation also makes it difficult to estimate the exact timeline.


UFOs and what’s coming

But it’s better late than never, and never seemed likely until this point. Thankfully and in part due to the work of many people in the UFO domain, we are witnessing a turning point. People such as Jeremy Corbell and Lue Elizondo have been the spearheads who have penetrated the top-secret, the forbidden. According to sources, Whistleblowers have already been contacted to appear before Congress after the NDAA is signed into law. Ideally, such hearings would take place before Christmas, according to Liberation Times. Testimony from whistleblowers has been questioned because there is some doubt about their credibility.

Congress has, however, verified a substantial amount of information regarding secret UAP retrieval and back-engineering programs, Liberation Times understands from multiple political and defense sources. Speaking to Liberation Times, journalist and filmmaker Jeremy Corbell commented: “Regarding the mystery of UFOs, the Silver Bullet is coming. The moment it is understood by the public that not only have we obtained spacecraft – fabricated by a non-human intelligence – but that we have also been attempting to reverse engineer that technology for decades… Pandora’s box is finally open.

Amnesty and immunity

Furthermore, Corbell noted that this new legislation provides amnesty and immunity for people involved in these programs to come forward, which could change the game. Many people who were involved in legacy UFO exploitation programs have spoken with Corbell directly. Those who oppose whistleblowers speaking out and publicizing further information have also been reported to be pushing back within certain quarters of the DoD. However, it appears that a chain of events has now been triggered. This could lead to a flurry of information surfacing. The UAP All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) is experiencing ongoing frustrations with such information. This is making Congress think there is an urgent need to release more information. However, it also seeks to answer ongoing questions regarding the origin and operators of unidentified craft. This is especially important because it comes at a time when reports have increased since 2021.


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Written by Ivan Petricevic

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