Greek Farmer Finds Ancient Cemetery Full of Naked Statues

A finding made by a Greek farmer has led to the discovery of four ancient statues of young naked men, made out of limestone.

The statues are believed to date back to the V century BC.

The Greek Ministry of Culture has reported in a statement that archaeological excavations near the town of Atalanti, have been carried out since the middle of last month after a farmer announced that he had discovered the torso of a statue while plowing.

The statutes are believed to depict young athletes. The size of the statues varies between 86 to 122 centimeters.

A group of archaeologists has unearthed three more statues, measuring the highest 1,22 meters, as well as a triangular base.

All objects, made of limestone, date back from VIII to V Centuries BC.

Excavations carried out in a deeper layer have allowed the discovery of seven tombs, believed to be part of an ancient cemetery, which was once located in in the area, some 150 kilometers northwest of Athens.

It is believed that this cemetery could have belonged to the ancient city of Opus (now Atalanti), home of Patroclus, the Greek hero of the Trojan War and companion of Achilles.

The excavations continue as experts believe more ancient treasures may remain hidden.

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