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Happy Birthday Da Vinci: 5 Quotes and His Most Impressive Inventions

Leonardo da Vinci was born on April 15th, 1452. April 15 2021 marks 569 years since Leonardo Da Vinci was born.

A few people have stunned civilization throughout its history, like Leonardo da Vinci. With his inventions and revolutionary thinking, the Florentine polymath carved his way into the annals of history, making sure to remain as one of the greatest geniuses to live on the planet.

A few people can be compared to his beatific mind. Da Vinci is considered one of the greatest painters of all time.

As an engineer and inventor, he developed ideas that are now recognized as far ahead of his time. To name a few examples, Da Vinci gave origin to the helicopter, the battle tank, the submarine, and even the automobile.

Very few of his projects were built since most were not feasible during that time.

He also nurtured his mind with Literature, Paleontology, Sculpture, Music, and Urbanism.

He was a mastermind who envisioned our future hundreds of years before the technologies he had come up with in his mind were even possible to be produced.

Da Vinci was a true genius, but his inventions were not the only thing that left a profound history mark. Since the F polymath greatly admired literature polymath, he wrote many works throughout his life.

Below are some of his most profound quotes, at least to me.

Favorite Leonardo da Vinci quotes

One of my favorite quotes by Leonardo da Vinci is “Art is Never Finished, Only Abandoned.” (source) This, I believe, is true since art is a work in progress that does not end. It is in continuous development until it is abandoned due to a lack of interest or idea.

Learning never exhausts the mind.“(source) Another profound quote by Da Vinci. Humankind learns as long as it lives. Learning is a continuous state that does not begin when a child enters school and ends when becoming a faculty graduate. Learning is a process that has no end.

“Study without desire spoils the memory, and it retains nothing that it takes in.” (source) Here is another quote I greatly admire. If one wants to learn something, and if the study is not met with desire, willingness, and passion, little of what has been studied will remain for the mind to comprehend.

“I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do.” (source) This quote carries a powerful message. I have been thinking about writing a book. But thinking about it is not enough. I must write my first paragraph. I am willing to learn a new skill, but I must first understand what I want to learn.

“Realize that everything connects to everything else.” (source) I have always believed that the entire universe is connected. Here on Earth, nothing is without meaning. I firmly believe this even hen writing about ancient civilizations and the pyramids. I believe that these beautiful ancient structures are all connected and were built with greater meaning.

The above quotes are just five of Leonardo da Vinci’s many quotes I believe carry an important message, and understanding them enlightens the mind.

Leonardo da Vinci’s inventions

Although many people argue Da Vinci was a painter with unprecedented skill, he was also an inventor that envisioned technology way ahead of his time.

Leonardo’s Flying Vehicle

Perhaps since time immemorial, humankind has wanted to take on the skies and fly like the birds. Da Vinci envisioned devices that would help us do so. In fact, he was among the first people to draw a vehicle that would allow us to fly. Da Vinci’s Ornithopter is believed to have drawn inspiration from birds and bats.

The machine was designed, so the pilot lay down and the center of the vehicle and powered it by pedaling a crank connected by an elaborate rod-and-pulley system.

The Tank

Leonardo da Vinci was the first inventor who envisioned the armored tank. During his time working for the Duke of Milan, the Florentine inventor designed a terrifying armored war machine. It was designed to have dozens of “guns” and was capable of transporting a crew of eight.

The Automobile

Leonardo is believed to have sketched the “automobile” 543 years ago, in 1478. Da Vinci’s cart is believed to be the first representation of a self-propelled vehicle in history. Da Vinci drew the automobile as a “three-wheeled vehicle.” It was capable of achieving motion without being pushed, and this was thanks to intricately designed clockwork powered by coiled springs.

Da Vinci’s Helicopter

The helicopter drawn by Da Vinci is probably one of the most famous inventions by the Florentine polymath. Humankind has come a long way since. Today, Ingenuity—the first helicopter to take flight on another planet sits on the Martian surface waiting to take flight.

Da Vinci’s Helicopter is commonly referred to as the Aerial Screw. The device is believed to have measured (in design) around 15 feet in diameter. It is unlikely that the device was ever constructed.

Water Lifting Machine

Another stunning invention by the Florentine Polymath. His Water Lifting Machine further proves Da Vinci’s profound interest in science, mechanical devices, and robotics. Of all of Da Vinci’s surviving technical drawings, the Water Lifting Machine is the most detailed. Many side notes and drawings illustrate this invention, which suggests Leonardo deeply studied it.

Happy Birthday, Leonardo!

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