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Here Are 5 Reasons Why Building a Lunar Colony Will Help Colonize Mars

Building a lunar colony on the moon may seem like an unreasonable idea to certain individuals. However, it isn’t impractical at all. Our Moon is the only planetoid that is closest to the Earth, and it only takes three days for a modern-day spacecraft to reach it.

Multiple notable institutions have been planning to build a permanent base on the moon for a while now. The resources on planet Earth are scarce and would one day end. The forthcoming generations will have to travel to another planet at any cost. Initially, we’ll have to colonize the moon in order to move to Mars or other potentially habitable planets.

Can humans survive on the moon? Yes, they certainly can. Residing on the moon will have its perks.

Here are five reasons why we should plan to travel to the moon:

1. Exploration and novel discoveries:

By residing on the moon, the forthcoming generations will be able to discover new elements about space life and moon in general. There are only a handful of things that have been discovered as yet. None have been able to live on the moon for a longer period. By building a colony, we’d be able to conduct multiple experiments and come forth with novel discoveries. As stated above, it’s only a three-day trip, so the trials shall commence very soon.

2. Underground colonies:

The coldest temperatures of the earth and a lunar night cannot be compared. A single lunar night equates to 14 days on planet earth. The humans won’t be able to survive on the surface, so they’d have to build underground colonies. Investigating the surface of the moon will ultimately lead to new developments.

3. Speculated data and theories vs real-life experiences:

We have not completely explored moon as yet and would probably require years to do so. What we currently have is mostly computer-generated data. Hence, we need to explore the moon manually, so we could understand it in a better way. Once we are fully equipped with how the moon works, we can move towards Mars.

4. Distance between the Earth and Moon is less as compared to Mars:

The distance between Earth and Moon is less, so naturally, we should explore it first. We should be able to establish a lunar base of over 1000 people in a few decades. Moreover, the transfer of necessary equipment and resources from the Earth to the Moon would be easy.

5. There’s no atmosphere on the Moon:

Since there’s no atmosphere on the Moon, the scientists or experts would be able to assess and evaluate Mars in a better way. It’s difficult to do that from the Earth due to multiple atmosphere hindrances. The telescopes and relevant equipment need to be installed on the Moon for a better understanding of space in general.

All in all, building a lunar colony would benefit the human race in uncountable ways. We’d be able to explore space, and perhaps discover life on other planets. We have limited control over what we can do from the Earth. However, the circumstances will change once we have a permanent base on the Moon. Exploration will become easy.

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