Here’s the First Video of the Massive Head of a 40,000-Year-Old Siberian Wolf

The main question experts are facing is: was the severing ‘artificial’?

The world was recently introduced to another sensational discovery made in Siberia: the severed head of a massive, 40,000-year-old extinct wolf species.

Now, scientists are examining the extremely well-preserved head in hopes to find out more about the ancient species that roamed Siberia tens of thousands of years ago.

Upon seeing images of the perfectly severed head, people started questioning the veracity of the find. Some even asked whether it was a wolf at all, while others argued that researchers in Siberia may have even discovered the mythical bearwolf.

The answer is the following. It was a wolf. An extinct wolf species to be precise. And the creature was big. It was huge. And the severed head of the massive creature is excellently preserved.

In fact, experts have revealed that its fur, fangs, skin and even brain tissue remain nearly intact.

How the head was severed remains a mystery.

A perfectly severed head of a giant wolf

And that’s precisely what experts are trying to find out.

One theory is that the perfectly severed head was the result of ice.

When the initial discovery was presented to the general public, researchers revealed that they believed it was unlikely that the animal was killed by an ancient hunter, some 40,000 years ago. The prevailing theory known is that the cut of the wolf was caused by ice.

But the main question remains: was the severing artificial?

It is unlikely that an ancient hunter was responsible since ancient man is not believed to have arrived in the region 40,000 years ago, and there is no evidence to support they did.

The wolf was discovered just above ‘the arctic circle’ reports the Siberian Times.

The ancient wolf had a thick ‘mammoth-like’ coat and was of huge height. We still don’t know its exact height, as experts have maintained it a secret apparently.

Experts did not reveal much, but Dr. Albert Protopopov from the Academy of Sciences of Sakha Republic revealed that the creature is definitely a wolf.

“Answering the questions from The Siberian Times readers, yes it is definitely a wolf.  Maybe the hair coloring makes people think it is a bear, but actually, it is quite strange to hear, as morphologically this is a very typical wolf.”

“Yet when we made CTA scans of the wolf, we found out that there are some peculiarities. Some parts of the skull are more developed than in modern wolves. I cannot say more for now, as this is the subject of our current study,” Dr. Protopopov added.

The creature was also not likely a dire wolf as some people have suggested.

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