World War Two Incredible Discoveries

Incredible Recent Discoveries From World War II

Throughout the years, many incredible and strange discoveries have been made of different objects dating back to World War II.


The second World War was the deadliest conflict in human history, resulting in some 85 million casualties among soldiers and civilians. It was fought by two opposing military alliances, the Axis and the Allies. It was a global conflict where airplanes plaid a definitive role. Aircrafts eventually allowed for the strategic bombing of population centers and the use of the only two nuclear weapons ever used in war. Tens of millions died in the conflict due to genocide, starvation, massacres, and disease. Eventually, the Allies won, defeating Germany and Japan. The global conflict is believed to have started on September 1, 1939, when Nazi Germany under Adolf Hitler invaded Poland. This led to a response from various countries, including the United Kingdom and France declaring war on Germany only two days later.

Discoveries From World War II

World War II was a global conflict that will hopefully never repeat in history. But it is history, and as such, many discoveries have been made throughout the years that can be traced back to important moments in the conflict. On December 13, 1939, three royal cruisers engaged in combat against a Nazi warship just off the coast of Uruguay. In 2006, a truly gigantic Nazi Eagle made of bronze was found where the battle had taken place. The gigantic Eagle was gripping a swastika with its talons. The Eagle was located on the stern of the Nazi warship that was attacked by the royal battleships. This famous sea battle was known as the Battle of River Plate. The gigantic Eagle is supposedly going to be sold at an auction where it could fetch a price of more than 26 million dollars. The gigantic eagle weighs some 300 kilograms.

Droughts have been common in recent years, and California is no exception. In recent years, much water in rivers and lakes has dried up, revealing all kinds of strange things. One of the strangest finds was made at Shasta lake in California, where members of the US Forest Service discovered a “Ghost Boat” used during the Second World War. The boat was found when the entire water of the lake had evaporated into the atmosphere. Markings on the ship, 31-17, mean it was part of the attack transport ship USS Monrovia more than 75 years ago. Check out this video for more.


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