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9 Interesting Facts About Egypt’s 1300-Year-Old Love Spell

One spell requests the gods to burn the heart of a woman until she loves the spell caster.


Egyptologists and archaeologists stumble upon various peculiar artifacts and scripts every now and then. They discovered a manuscript from Egypt a few months back, and it took them a while to decipher the text. The papyrus was nothing but a 1300-year-old Egyptian love spell. We have no idea if it worked in the olden days or not. However, the ones who discovered it were applauded by many all over the world.

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The following are some fascinating facts regarding the said papyrus of Egypt:

1) The said love spell includes an image of two bird-like creatures facing one another, surrounded by bits of sentences referring to Biblical figures and events.

2) The text is written in the Coptic language. This particular language represents the final era of ancient Egypt.

3) Some of the researchers of France claim that this spell is nothing but a recipe for love, and possibly protection between two people.

4) Researchers claim that the said spell was meant to unite two lovers as multiple people were against their union. Hence, they sought a magician’s help and came forth with a specific protection spell.

5) A mention of Ahitophel, who deserted King David, suggests that the charm is designed to avoid such bad influences. Moreover, please understand that Christianity was widely practiced in Egypt during that period. The magician also mentioned an exotic deer musk perfume in his spell. Deer musk was widely popular back in the olden days.

6) Short texts like this one would probably have been part of a bigger volume of spells and enchantments. Spells were used for multiple purposes in the past. Experts have discovered various charms on the walls of tombs and burial chambers. Egyptians truly believed in magic.

7) It is difficult for experts to be sure about the age of the papyrus. However, it does match the style and content of other texts correctly dated to the late seventh or early eighth century.

8) Researchers have another theory regarding the papyrus. They believe that these two creatures could be demons, communicating with one another in order to ruin someone’s life.

9) Multiple sinister spells have been found in the past. For example, one spell requests the gods to burn the heart of a woman until she loves the spell caster. Also, another spell targeted at a male uses a series of mysterious or magical words to ‘subject him,’ ordering him to do whatever the caster desires.

We are not certain if these spells worked or not. However, people have used them in the past. They frequently sought magicians’ help. There’s a large number of spells and enchantments that have not been deciphered as yet. However, experts are trying to find their accurate meanings.


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