Intriguing Bangalore Sky Portal or Natural Marvel?

Intriguing Bangalore Sky: Portal or Natural Marvel?

Bangalore sky mystifies with an enigmatic silhouette! But is it that mystifying or is there a simple explanation to what people witnessed?


An uncanny rectangular shadow sparks widespread speculation and bewilders citizens in India’s technological hub, Bangalore. The cityscape of Bangalore, the bustling capital of the Indian state of Karnataka, witnessed an intriguing spectacle last weekend. A cryptic, luminous-edged rectangular form graced the city’s night sky, stirring an array of theories about its origin and leaving citizens captivated. But is it really that mysterious as people want it to be? Regrettably, the answer is no.

Here is why.


Bangalore Sky: a Portal or Natural Marvel?

Time and again, Bangalore’s sky has staged peculiar displays. From inexplicable light emissions to random electric discharges, the city has its share of celestial enigmas. Last Saturday, however, citizens were treated to an extraordinary sight – a mysterious luminescent rectangular shadow or a seeming ‘giant door’ hanging in the sky.

Local resident, Aditi Sengar, managed to capture this unusual phenomenon on video from the Hebbal flyover, sharing it on her Twitter account. The video swiftly gained momentum, becoming viral, drawing myriad responses from fellow eyewitnesses and ushering in numerous hypotheses about the event.

A Portal Over Bangalore? Probably NOT

The sight triggered an avalanche of conjectures among netizens. Some went as far as to brand it as a “portal to another world” or a “heavenly gate”. Some even conjectured that it might be a holographic projection. However, a portion of the digital community leaned towards more practical assumptions, arguing that the sighting might be an optical illusion, likely a result of light from a distant high-rise building bouncing off low-hanging clouds.

One user elucidated, “Clouds usually descend at night due to the temperature drop during rainy days. Light is visible around the building through the low clouds.”

The Brocken Specter: The Likely Explanation


Despite the rampant speculation, the most credible explanation points to a natural phenomenon known as a “Brocken specter” or a “mountain specter”. This phenomenon occurs when the observer’s magnified shadow is cast into the air on any cloud type, located opposite a potent light source.

Such occurrences are not exclusive to Bangalore, with previous reports from around the globe. A similar spectacle startled onlookers in China in 2017, when an uncanny rectangular light appeared to emerge from the clouds in the city of Jinan.

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