Investigating The Buried Treasure Of Famous Pirate Captain Morgan

Investigating the Buried Treasure of Famous Pirate Captain Morgan

In 1671, Captain Morgan looted the city of Panama in one is considered the largest heist of the time. He stole more than 100,000 pounds of gold and silver.


One of the most famous pirates to ever sail the oceans is, without a doubt, Sir Henry Morgan. Captain Morgan was a privateer and the Lieutenant Governor of Jamaica. From his base in Port Royal, he participated in the raid of settlements and shipping lines on the Spanish Main. His career as a notorious pirate allowed him to become extremely wealthy. With the money he obtained by means of piracy, he was able to purchase three large sugar plantations in Jamaica. But even though we know about his life, much of his early years remain mysterious.

Investigating The Buried Treasure Of Famous Pirate Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan was a different kind of pirate. History books, therefore, remember him as such. What makes him different from other pirates is that he was a privateer, which is, in essence, a form of a pirate. Privateers are pirates who have been appointed by a state. In 1671, Captain Morgan sailed out with thirty-six ships in what would be one of his largest raids. They set out to raid the Spanish-controlled city of Panama, and the objective was to steal its treasures. At the time, the city of Panama was one of the wealthiest cities in America, safeguarding countless treasures and precious stones. Captain Morgan’s raid of Panama was supposed to be his retirement prize. Captain Morgan succeeded and took control of Panama in what was the largest heist of the time.

Varying by different sources, it is believed that Morgan had taken more than 100,000 pounds of gold and silver. However, in an unusual turn of events, Captain Morgan decided to return promptly to Jamaica and sailed from Panama with only three ships. Some historians believe this was a hasty retreat from Panama, and Captain Morgan opted to do this in an attempt to keep more treasure for himself. When Captain Morgan arrives at Port Royal, he only has one ship at his disposal and only a fraction of the original loot. What happened to the remainder of the looted treasure? He looted a lot of treasure, and some experts believe he hid most of it. This has led to three hundred years of theories concerning the location of the lost treasure of Captain Morgan. This video looks into the many theories, history, and facts about Captain Morgan’s lost treasure.


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